Friday, January 19, 2007

You're Getting Veerrrry Sleeeepppy....

Well, I thought I had been tired previously, but I think the real, full-blown pregnancy tiredness is kicking in. The kind where you crave sleep like a junkie, and your every thought is of when and how you can get your next hit. The house, the laundry, the fact that your child has been watching TV for two hours already- none of this matters when weighed against the demands of your body, which is falling asleep standing up.
When I fell into bed this afternoon after Addy went down for her nap, my head was throbbing crazily, some kind of weird hormone-induced headache for which there is no cure but sleep. I awoke an hour later to hear small rustling sounds from the crib in the next room, and I prayed, as sincerely as a person can beseech the heavens, "Please, please, just let her go back to sleep so I can too."
When I woke up again another hour later, I swear I felt like the most blessed person on the face of the earth as I realized I had gotten my wish. I could feel the sleep coursing through my veins as though it had been administered intravenously. My headache was but a small, fuzzy pain around the edges, nothing like the pounding sledgehammer of two hours previously. I could get up, I could go on. I could stagger to the computer and check email while eating Cheez-Its. Life was good.

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