Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Breakfast Club

It occured to me today that I am perhaps not setting the best example these days. It all started this morning, when Addy and I spent a good hour or so in my bed, eating Trix cereal out of the box and watching Friends. Now, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (as did the dog, who received his generous and gooey share of cereal, courtesy of his little cohort.) But I was thinking: perhaps it is not such a great idea to get my child in the habit of eating sugary cereal puffs by the handful while lounging in bed watching an adult-themed sitcom?
It is not my usual habit to eat breakfast in bed, understand, but it just feels so much better- so much less barf-inducing- to just stay under the covers, lying still for a while and letting my breakfast settle. I never really feel sick until I actually get up and get moving, so lately, I tend to delay the getting up part as much as possible. And, hey, if I'm gonna be in bed, I might as well watch a little TV, right?
So far in this pregnancy, I've watched about five complete seasons of Friends- I mean, I worry that Addy's gonna grow up thinking these are actual people with whom Mommy is friends! I don't know how to explain the addiction, other than to say that I have seen the reruns so many times now that it's kind of like mental comfort food when I'm not feeling good to just throw a disc in, hit play, and then curl up in bed in the dark, watching or even just listening with my eyes closed. But it is a little eerie the way the theme song sort of runs through my brain nonstop these days...


Swistle said...

Sounds great to me, like you two are girlfriends hanging out together. And Trix--I think it's fortified with essential nutrients, and part of this nutritious breakfast!

I've been working my way through _Gilmore Girls_ and _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_ this pregnancy.

desperate housewife said...

It is fortified! Lol. I checked the box to see if it at least had folic acid and stuff.
Oh, and I like Gilmore Girls too, but my husband mocks it incessantly whenever it's on, so I kind of abandoned it. He thinks they talk at twice the speed of a normal person.

Jess said...

You need a new sitcom girlie....I think Friends was on the last few times I stopped by.

Anonymous said...

So, what would you be watching if Santa hadn't hit the "Friends" jackpot on Amazon???? You'd probably be watching Baby Einstein, so I guess it will be MY fault if Addy's a little LESS than a genius!!!! I don't think I can handle the guilt, so throw in an "Einstein" every now and then.