Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tea and Sympathy

Mmm, how I do love the first trimester! What I especially love is that jolt of energy you get first thing in the morning, as you hop out of bed and cheerfully head for the kitchen to fry up a batch of bacon and eggs!
Oh, wait, no. Make that the exact opposite. Picture, instead, something along these lines: an unshowered, gritty-eyed mom tiptoeing around, avoiding the creaks in the floor, so that maybe just maybe, her toddler will sleep a while longer so that the nauseous mommy can creap back into her blissfully dark bedroom, pull the covers to her chin, and sip (decaf!) tea and nibble dry Cheerios. Oh, and feel sorry for herself.
P.S. Not too sorry, though- mostly I'm congratulating my hormonal system for continuing to double my HCG levels every three days! All systems are still go.

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Jim said...

Don't forget you have the Friends and the Bluths to keep your spirits up! Maybe you should look into investing in J.D. and Dr. Cox as well.