Friday, January 05, 2007

Big News

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Okay, I had like the best day ever! First, one of my good friends called me this morning to tell me that she is pregnant too! Very very early (she is an early tester like myself) but pregnant indeed. On her first try, that lucky fertile woman. I am so excited for her. She was ovulating the day I found out I was pregnant, and she asked me to blow baby dust on her! Guess it worked.
Second, the doctor's office finally got my lab results (after I called them three times- they were starting to sound less than thrilled to hear my voice) and they are totally normal! It was such a huge relief. When I was pregnant back in September and they did the hcg check after the ultrasound revealed nothing, my hcg was only 150, very bad. I pretty much knew at that point that there was no way this was going to work out. But this time- 3050, thank you very much! My body, it seems, has remembered what it is supposed to do! So I'm thinking there is truly reason to be hopeful that come September 4th (probably sooner, actually, given my history,) we will be a family of four.
Thank you, Lisa and Swistle, for your congrats. It's so fun to tell baby news, isn't it? It would almost be worth having a dozen kids, just to get to announce that you're knocked up that many times. Although maybe it would get old after the sixth time or so. People would sigh and say, "Don't you know there's a pill for that?" Anyways...
Ooh, and the third awesome thing that happened today: Adelay walked! Oh my gosh, I honestly was starting to think she had settled on her kneecaps as her chosen method of transport, feeling, apparently, that her calves and feet are purely ornamental. But she took four steps in a row today! Twice! Oh, you should have heard the applause. I was nearly insane with delight. I was getting a little worried, honestly, since I had heard that most kids walk between twelve and fifteen months, and as of January third, we had hit the fifteen month mark. I had visions of her legs and feet in corrective braces, of the doctor shaking his head at us, scolding, "Couldn't you tell that she is horribly knock kneed and her feet are deformed? Why didn't you come to us sooner?"
But, it seems that she has discovered her balance at last. Good thing too- as soon as I start putting on weight from baby number two, her days of being carried around everywhere are numbered!


Swistle said...

You are so right: the fifth time (well, the fourth pregnancy but the fifth child), people say things like "You do know how this happens, right?" But you also still get the gratifying "OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!" kind as well.

Great news about the HCG. Also, how great is it you have a friend pregnant practically simultaneously?? That is so fun!

desperate housewife said...
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Lisa said...

Just wanted to say congrats again. It's weird how similar our lives are when it comes to conceiving after the first time. I had to do the blood draws to measure hormone levels too. I'm glad everything is looking good.

We got alot of remarks about "knowing how that happens" when we told people about our fourth so I'll let you experience telling people five or six times.

I hope you and your friend enjoy your nine months together.