Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Think I've Written This Post Before, But...

Today's exciting topic is spacing of children. This is something that frequently keeps me up nights. Say it's three am or so, and I'll have just settled Eli back in his crib, or given up and settled him into his favorite spot, draped across my neck in our bed, and it will occur to me that it would be awfully hard to be doing this WHILE being pregnant.

I think Addy was just a few weeks older than Eli is now when I got pregnant with him, so this would be roughly the time to try again if we wanted to aim for identical spacing patterns. But she was such a good sleeper that issues of bringing her into my bed at three in the morning maybe cropped up once a month, rather than once or twice (or every single night) a week like with Eli. And also there was just ONE of her. One of her, who napped reliably at least once a day and was kind of on the quiet, well-behaved side. (This is no longer the case, but darn it was luxurious while it lasted. Now it's all three-going-on-thirteen, hands on hips, ordering Mommy to the time out chair. While still refusing to go near the big girl potty. Yee-haw!)

I think about and waffle on this subject every. single. day. Part of me still really, really wants a big family, and wants kids approximately two years apart so they're close enough to be playmates and friends. Another part of me wants to perform my own lobotomy if I hear that familiar, swiftly escalating cacophony of tandem whining and screaming one more time. It's like some twisted, nursery school take on the dueling pianos concept so popular at dive bars.

Also, it amazes and frightens me how quickly I can go from thinking, "Look at the two little honeys! I must make MORE of them, right now!" to "Let's BOTH have sterilization procedures just to make sure, okay?" Surely such wildly shifting emotions cannot be trusted? I should probably put any decision making on hold until I can at least make it through a full day of feeling one way or the other.

Or... Does that day never come?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Buckle Up! So! Much! Randomness!

1. My kids LOVE the movie Madagascar. They both start bopping their booties as soon as the "Move It" music begins. I mean, they really get into it. They drop it like it's hot. This is also one of the kid movies that doesn't cause me to flee the room within five minutes. TWO THUMBS UP. I cannot wait till the sequel comes out. (Here's a picture of them watching the new "Move It" music video on Jim's laptop. That is some intense concentration right there.)

2. I am really regretting buying Halloween candy early. I think I'm going to have to buy more to replenish our stash before trick or treat night. There are crumpled Reese's wrappers all over this desk even as I type.

3. At least I am working out again. I'm not supposed to weight lift until my post-op appointment next week, but I've been walking, doing the bike, and even jogging the last few days. It feels so good. It hasn't yet made a dent in the five pounds I gained during the couple weeks following my hernia repair, but I'm sure it will soon. Just as soon as I put down the candy bag...

4. Last month I repainted our front hall for the third time in three years. I painted it a shade of lighter green. Before it was bold green. Not kelly green or lime green, but just... Green. Grass green, maybe. Now it is hopefully more of a sage green. Few people have even noticed the difference, but I definitely do, and I am happy I did it. But dang, was it hard getting even a hallway painted while trying to decently look after two small kids. I can't believe how I used to repaint the whole KITCHEN on a whim before I had kids. Like, "Oh sure, no problem, let's just tear this room apart this weekend!

5. I recently got side bangs. I realize I am about two years behind on this trend, but better late than never. Maybe. They really get in my eyes a lot. But I think I've noticed more sidelong glances when I'm out, so I suspect it makes me look younger. That's always good, right? Worth having to flat iron bangs every day?

6. Eli says, "Feed me or I will eat your soul!"

7. The fam in our soccer fan attire. For the record, we tried our darndest to get Addy in the photo, but the closest we got was a shot of her sliding off of my lap like a Gumby doll wearing a soccer jersey, so...

(Also, please note how my idea of babyproofing the wood stove area was to shove a loveseat in front of it. Easy peasy, and wholly effective.)

8. This is because I realized while downloading pictures that I still haven't posted photos from our zoo trip. Here's Adelay having her little mind just BLOWN by the polar bears. Or maybe it was the walruses. I kinda forget now.

And lastly, you may have noticed that this post was devoid of links in several spots where links might have been good. For some reason I could not get the linky thing to allow scripted windows, or some crap. And I am a little doped up on Benadryl and am probably missing a very obvious solution to the problem, but whatever. DEAL WITH IT, people. And a happy, happy Monday to you all.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Complaining? Check. Halloween? Check. Movie Review? CHECK!

Why the heck are there suddenly fruit flies swarming my house? Is it not October? Do I not generally put food away in a timely manner? What is with the infestation? On another note, why am I actually posting this evening even though my computer is still on strike? Because I have access to Jim's computer, as he is out of town until tomorrow. So I had a wild night of grocery shopping and rice cereal spooning and multiple bathings! But it's cool. I actually went out by myself the last two evenings, sans children, so, you know, turnaround is fair play.

Last night I went to an... Odd Christian Halloween-alternative event put on by my old church/school. It's called Final Judgement, and basically, you end in a silver-tinsel bedecked vision of heaven after having journeyed through the depths of hell, complete with fog machines, cranked up heat, and screaming demons. And... And it was just so disturbing. On so many levels. The only reason I even went was curiosity, because back in jr. high I had been a cast member in this event several years running, and I was eager to experience it as an outsider looking in. Well. That was an experience I could definitely have done without. I'm so embarrassed I used to take part in it! Worse is that I genuinely believed I was doing the world some service! Gah... I'll just say this: it's no wonder so many people get turned off to Christianity in this country.

The evening prior was spent much more pleasantly, watching The Duchess with my mom after having dinner out, including wine and excluding baby food or chicken fingers. It was a great movie, I thought. I almost want to go see it again to more properly absorb it. Which means...

That's right, kids, it's time again for another installment of Desperate Housewife Movie Reviews! Today's film in question is the aforementioned historic drama, starring Keira Knightley, which I had the privilege of enjoying in a COMPLETELY EMPTY theater two nights ago. Said emptiness could, I suppose, reflect poorly on the movie itself, but I choose to believe it more reflected the fact that it was a Thursday night in a town where many people have recently cut back on their spending.

Anyhoosiers, it was awesome. So much better than The Other Boleyn Girl, which I had anticipated much more intensely. The acting was very good, I thought, and all the players well chosen. No one overdid it, really, and there was a kind of spareness and reserve to the script that left just the right amount of emotion and motive to the viewer's imagination. Well, ok, maybe not just the right amount. I could have done with a deeper look into some of the character's baffling behavior. But overall I prefer vagueness and lack of explanation to films that go to awkward pains trying to explain everything via dialogue, to the detriment of realism.

The time period (immediately following the American Revolution and on the cusp of the French Revolution) is one not often seen from a British point of view in films, so that was an automatic interest factor for me. The scenery was opulent and amazing (as is often the case when a movie is about a VERY RICH PERSON) and the costumes and hair seemed painstakingly accurate to the period. Sometimes horrifyingly so, actually- I don't know how women could even hold their heads up with such enormous and elaborate wigs on.

My only complaint would have been the camera work. My mom and I both kept noticing how WAY too many scenes ended in close ups of faces, especially the intimate ones. We're talking close up to the point that I could see the ingrown hairs and razor burn on Duke what's-his-nuts' five o clock shadow. That is something I would prefer to have glossed over, personally, but perhaps I'm too idealistic in my cinematic tastes. Maybe you will enjoy the razor burn. But either way you should see this film. Especially since it is based on an actual person's life. It's history! It's entertainment! It's a win-win!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seasonal Affective Disorder! It's Come Early This Year!

Hey! Sorry about the long time, no post situation. It was soccer tournament time for Jim's team last week, so we were pretty busy and driving back and forth a lot. The girls played really well, from what I could tell, and made it further in the tournament than they did last year. They are out now though, I have to admit to a small amount of relief that it is all over with save the end of year banquet. It was kind of crazy around here sometimes with all the coming and going. I am looking forward to a return to our boring nights watching TV and folding socks. Er, I MEAN, taking walks and playing games.

Is anyone else feeling incredibly sad about the passing of summer? Two months into fall, nearly, and I'm still mourning it. I usually love autumn, and I am enjoying it, but it seems so brief, an all too fleeting last hurrah before winter sets in inexorably. Today it was so chilly out, even with the sun beating down, and I got very depressed for a minute thinking about how soon, none of us will consider leaving the house without a heavy coat and probably gloves. Soon everyone will be tracking in leaves and dirty slush every time they enter the house. Sweatshirts and sweaters will be the bulk of my laundry, meaning lots of wet things hanging to dry and lots of super long dry cycles. Soon it will be even harder than ever to leave my warm cozy bed in the mornings. Soon the chill winds will be freezing my nostril hairs, and ice will make leaving the house with small children seem daunting and dangerous.

Can anyone remind me of the nice things about winter? Besides Christmas, I mean. OBVIOUSLY there's Christmas. But Christmas also entails decorating and shopping (and thinking about how much money you're spending) and post-Christmas letdown, so it's not a WHOLLY magical thing, once you're old enough to partake in the work of it.

Oh and also, HALP! A few days ago my computer got unplugged, and when plugged back in has refused to return to life. The monitor turns on, but the computer sits there like a stone, stubbornly unyielding in response to my pleas and threats. So I finally snuck onto Jim's laptop to catch up on my reading and throw you all a little something. But does anyone know what could have happened to it? And also, what is up with my Fridgidair oven? Suddenly it is on strike, as well, and only the broil will work. The baking element sits stone cold. Are all our appliances like, staging a coup or something? (Just please don't let it be the toilet next.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Breakthrough: Secret To Patience Is Drugs!

While recuperating, I have finally finished the crosstitch I started for Eli before he was even born. I also resigned myself to reality and filed away in albums a bunch of pictures that I had been optimistically stashing away to use for scrapbooking. Apparently that long-awaited moment when getting out glue and scissors and cropping tools seems like the best use of my time is never going to come.

Regarding Vicodin: I've stopped taking it every four hours at this point, but the last few afternoons I have given in around two or three o' clock and allowed myself to lie down on the couch and take a pain pill. I watch The Office (Jim got me the last season as a get well soon present!) while Eli naps and Addy plays quietly on the floor. Or sometimes even naps herself, a remarkable and timely gift courtesy of the head cold which struck down each and every one of us the day after my surgery. It's really fun to cough and blow your nose with a painful incision right in the middle of your abdomen! Wheee!

So to get around to the title, I've discovered that the meds render me a somewhat more patient and creative type of mommy. I am normally more of a "Why don't you color here at the table while Mommy unload the dishes!" type of mother, but lately I've been doing a lot more coloring WITH Addy. I also showed Addy how to form her play-doh into pretzels, but rather than doing it herself, she required me to continue showing her until the entire coffee table was covered in pastel pretzels. Which in retrospect means I probably spent about a half an hour making play-doh pretzels, but I don't remember getting antsy or impatient about it. UNUSUAL. And today, strangest of all, I actually instigated an honest to God craft project.

Fact: Addy loves helping me get the mail. So today when she finished industriously scribbling one line on about ten pieces of paper, I helped her fold them up like letters. But then, of course, she wanted to put them in the mailbox. Commence tantrum, right? WRONG! I averted a potential disaster by quickly helping her (pause for effect) FASHION A MAILBOX OUT OF A SHOEBOX. And further DECORATE it with construction paper, stamps, and pictures of My Little Ponies, Dora the Explorer, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake which I SKILLFULLY CUT OFF OF HER LEFTOVER BIRTHDAY CARDS. I may photograph it later; I am that proud of this little project. I was very possibly more excited to show it to Jim than Addy was.

*On an unrelated note: I had a good moment today at CVS which led me to believe I am pretty much over my depressed phase. I was walking in with Addy to get diapers and milk when a woman walked out carrying a newborn little boy, snuggled sweetly in his carrier and pretty much looking like an advertisement for baby-having. And you know what my first thought was? Boy, I'm glad I don't have to haul my kids around in one of those thigh-bruising contraptions anymore! Then I squeezed Adelay's hand and continued on. Progress, no?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Am Sickly And Pathetic! Again!

So, um, did I mention that I was having a hernia repaired this morning? No? Well, I did, and hoo boy am I feeling it now, Vicodin notwithstanding. I am also enjoying the sort of fakey-tan orange shade of my stomach, thanks to all that sterilizing stuff they rub all over you before cutting.

The official name of my affliction is "incarcerated umbilical hernia," which is Doctor for "a hernia right underneath the spot where your belly button pops out during pregnancy." This is my second hernia repair, and I'm beginning to sense a pattern of medical procedures in my life (two pregnancies, two miscarriages, two hernias... Hope this doesn't mean a second knee surgery is coming! Har har! Just kidding! But also knocking violently on wood.)

Here's my question: Does anybody else HATE having IV's put in? Like, hate it even worse than the idea of being put under and having someone cut around in your abdomen? I am SUCH a baby about it. To be fair, every nurse has always told me I have small veins, so it is consistently difficult to get the Giant Surgical Needle into my hand. But still...

I've had approximately ten procedures requiring IV's in my lifetime (Jim and I counted up just for funsies while waiting this morning.) So you'd think it wouldn't cause me to cringe in terror anymore. And yet... This morning was particularly noteworthy, as my tiny vein sent blood spurting all over the crisp white hospital sheets before the needle was finally in place. Every time I looked over at the stains, I felt myself growing woozy and faint, somewhat in the manner of a delicate Southern belle wearing a tightly laced corset. And looking at her own blood stains.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Birthdays, Rapid Fire

Eli. Handled his first cake with admirable aplomb.

Sarah. Overly jolly following a glass of white wine and the unwrapping of the third season of The Office. Please note that recent weight loss has done nothing for the inevitable Photo Shot Double Chin.

Addy. In awe of the birthday booty she has raked in (including dangled socks.) Also, apparently wearing at least three tulle skirts.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday, big girl. Three years ago, I remember walking circles around the house, wondering if this was "it." Indeed it was, and you were born the next morning at eight sixteen, a delicate, blue eyed beauty. One of our visitors, holding you adoringly the evening after you were born, described you as a rosebud. I thought this was a perfect word for your newborn self. And for your three year old self, too. Throughout the day you are a wild child, run run running everywhere, constantly moving to the next activity, a whirlwind of energy and fun. But if you could only see your sleeping self! It is the very same porcelain skin, the full, pursed lips, the fan of thick lashes. I still see my rosebud baby. (Thankfully, however, I no longer see that plaid couch! Ahem.)

For Your Amusement

I heart The Office. My favorite line of all time is, "He's always up in my bidness. Which is ebonics for being in my face and annoying the bejesus out of me." A close second is, "I would rather work for an upturned broom with a bucket for a head than work for anyone else in this office besides myself." And third is, "Sometimes the clothes at GAP Kids are just too flashy so I'm forced to go to the American Girl Store and order clothes for large, colonial dolls."

A fabulous prize will go to the person who can tell me who said what! Like... Three glorious Dwight Schrute magnets and an Office post-it pad! Or maybe you'll just win the satisfaction of being such a cool person!