Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Thing About Snow

...Is that it makes everything look so much cleaner. I can hate its cold, wet slush melting on my floors, and I can really hate its icy frosting that must be scraped off my car, but I cannot deny that when I look out my kitchen window and see our backyard, blanketed in white and blindingly bright from the sun, it makes me happy and oddly peaceful.
I also find myself oddly peaceful about being stuck in the house for the night, where all the lamps burn bright as it is pitch black at six thirty. But that's all right; the sun just illuminates all the dust motes, falling oh so inevitably towards the tables in their endless thwarting of my dustcloths. And it's cozy, in its way. I have my meatless dinner of peas, rice, and tater tots to look forward to (I actually am looking forward to it, truly,) and soon Jim will be home from the store with necessities: toilet paper, ketchup, pound cake, and movies. All is well with the world.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly why I always say that I love all the seasons and wouldn't want to live where even one wasn't on the agenda!