Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What's In A Name?

Okay, I've been meaning to start up the whole what-should-we-name-the-baby discussion at some point, and today I have my conversation starter: Phorreal. Is this even a name? It sounds like a kind of plant requiring minimal sunlight or something. The Hardy Phorreal.
This name is on my brain because, in one of my usual very productive jaunts online, I decided to go to our local hospital's baby connection to see what the cool kids are getting called these days. So here are a few gems for your amusement, or, if you're a little on the, uh, creative side, to add to your name list:
Lyric Monet (An artsy choice for the future poet / sculpter / interpretive dancer.)
Victoriana (If you plan on having your daughter carry around a parasol and wear a corset.)
Houston Harrison (Both names fine by themselves; together, a little on the overly macho side- is the baby going to be wearing a gun holster?)
Zyler (Someone's just being silly here, combining Tyler and - what? The word xylophone?)
Melody Sol (Again, for the musically and spiritually inclined. And, apparently, for those who would like to incorporate a random Spanish word into their daughter's name.)
Jazelle (The perfect solution when you'd like your child's name to imply both "jazzy" and "National Geographic's most frequently preyed-upon animal.")
Izayah (I actually kind of like this one. Except that, hmm? What will this poor kid inevitably be nicknamed, oh short-sighted parents? That's right. Izzy.)
Aries Nicholas (All I can see is some bronzed, Greek-god like body lounging on a yacht. Someone whose last name is Onassis. But perhaps that was the idea.)
Serenity Jane (This name is sort of incongruous. We have Serenity. And then we have Jane? I get a mental image of a spandex-clad girl from the future, but she's wearing an apron and has her hair in two sensible braids down her back.)
Beau Elsworth (Oh dear Lord. Elsworth??!! Someone is a wee bit too involved in their romantic historical fiction. This sounds like the name of a charismatic-but-shady traveling evangelist.)
Shandon Phorreal (We come to it at last. Shandon is... OK. Not my favorite, but not really that weird or out there. But what the heck is a Phorreal? This has to be a family name, that is the only explanation. But it's still not an excuse.)


Swistle said...

Stop...stop...you are making me laugh, and that is making me pee.

Phorreal sounds like a fancy spelling of "for real," as in "Yes, seriously, for real that's what we named him."

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Serenity Jane? And her evil twin Calamity? That's just bad. Phor real!

Stopped by from ben and birdy, by the way.

Jess said...

Hahahaha....yet another reason why Adam has been vetoed on the whole Elspeth idea :)

Thanks for the laughs...for real ;)