Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Will Scream for Wheat Thins

Have I complained lately about how Adelay will eat only about one or two items on any given day, and how usually one (or both) of those items is from the cracker family? You'd think she was the one with morning sickness! I even started keeping a diary of every food I offered Adelay throughout the day and whether or not she ate it, based on some counsel I found in a parenting book that suggested toddlers usually eat more than we realize, and if I were to only carefully observe, my mind would be set to rest.
Well. Consider my mind unrested. (Throughout this story, keep in mind that as soon as Addy has deigned a certain food distasteful, it is immediately thrown to the floor, and I am then howled at in rage until I provide the true and life-giving food, Wheat Thins.)
In a sample day, I gave Adelay bananas and Cheerios for breakfast. She ate three Cheerios, then began screeching and threw the rest of her food on the floor. I gave her apples for a snack. She ate none. She drank a bottle of milk at naptime. I gave her organic (!) macaroni and cheese for lunch. She ate one piece, made a face, and started yelling. As she was eyeing my own cookie enviously, I offered her one. She ate half. She drank some juice. For an afternoon snack, I offered crackers. Surprise, surprise, she ate about ten. She had some milk at naptime. For dinner, we had spaghetti, so I put some on her tray and gave her some pieces of crusty bread. She ate two bites of bread, no spaghetti. (She did smear it all over her hair, the table, and the floor.) Bedtime snack was baby cereal, which is usually a sure thing. She ate about half the bowl. More milk at bedtime.
So, let's add it up: three Cheerios, one piece of macaroni, half a cookie, three ounces of juice, ten crackers, two bites of bread, half a bowl of cereal, and three bottles of milk. I'm no nutritionist, but I'm fairly sure that the above does not compose an adequate, balanced diet.
So, any ideas, anyone? I'm really at my wits end. Adelay's fifteen month check-up is next week, and I'm already going to have to admit I'm still giving her bottles to put her to sleep. And that, in truth, she has not really walked at all since the fluke steps that occured a few days ago. I at least need to be able to say that she's eating her fruits and veggies!


Lisa said...

Unfortunately I don't have any wise suggestions which really is pretty sad since I have 4 kids, but all of them went through this very stage between 13-18 months. It is very frustrating I know. I did try things like putting carmel dip with apples and things to "hide" the fact they were eating fruit and that sometimes helped a little.

My 4 year old who was really bad around 15 months with eating now will eat salad with us at dinner so chant this mantra - "This too shall pass".

Swistle said...

My kids have all been the same way. It passes. I wish I had better tips, but...nothing, really. I mix baby food carrots (tons of vitamin A so even if they only eat a couple of bites it's still good) with applesauce. I mix different cereals (Kix, Cheerios, Corn Chex) together in a container, because the twins seem to eat more if they have an assortment like that to pick at. I spend too much on grapes because they'll eat them. Mostly I let them eat the crackers and wait for the stage to be over.