Friday, June 22, 2007


Sorry I didn't update yesterday- I was busy SWIMMING at my water aerobics class! Because I am fine; there are no cervical changes and the doctor said just to take it easy and take a pill if I feel too many contractions, but otherwise life is normal! I was so relieved I about did a dance as soon as the door closed behind him.
Of course, we had to wait in a very crowded office for about an hour and a half to get this news, because as always, whenever Jim comes with me to an appointment, Dr. D is inevitably called away on a delivery. The appointment was right at lunch time, so I had eaten some cheese and crackers in the car on the way, but Jim also kindly brought me a raspberry smoothie to help hold me over. I was getting such jealous looks from all the other hungry pregnant women, I was a little nervous! Addy came along too, after a trip to McDonalds with my mom, and was very happy and well-behaved.
This is the polar opposite of how she was last time we had to bring her to an appointment, so that was a big relief as well. Sure, she was jumping up and down on the scale and making a bunch of noise. Yes, she was spinning the doctor's little stool crazily. She was also fascinated with my feet, propped in the stirrups, and insisted on standing between my legs and loudly "counting" my toes (two, free, two, two, five!) over and over again. But all these activities were preferably to crying or whining or pulling specimen jars out of the drawers.
So, thank you all for praying, crossing fingers, and generally well-wishing. It worked!


Devan said...

better watch out next time though, those hungry pg women can be a dangerous bunch!

T with Honey said...

I'm so happy for you.

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, such good news. I hope that you keep going well with this pregnancy. When did you have Addie? I'm glad to hear that she was good at the doctor's office. I worry about that with Zachariah when we go places like that.

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Excellent news!

jen said...

great news!!