Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blood Sugar and Name Question

So the gestational diabetes screening was this morning, and I discovered they have three gross sugary pretend sodas to choose from now! I went with lime, and it was MUCH better than that orange crap I had to drink last time. I got the usual hyper little buzz from all that glucose on an empty stomach, while the baby danced a little jig all over my uterus, and then a nice slow sugar crash, all while sitting in a quiet waiting room reading Glamour. Actually, not a horrible way to spend the morning. I did have to spend all day eating and resting to feel normal again, of course, which sucked. My pregnant self is so dependent on food at regular intervals that skipping one meal makes me feel like a lethargic slug the rest of the day.
So, that's literally the only thing of note that I did today-eat and lay around. Luckily, Addy was extra sleepy (I think she has a mild cold) and napped for about four hours today. FOUR HOURS, people. Blissful. And while she napped, I thought of a question for all you commenters out there.
So I know we have the previous name list: Landon, Bennet, Clayton, Larson, and... What else? My brain is a little fuzzy. But can we also add this one? Grady. Thumbs up or down? Let me know!


Devan said...

I like Grady, though not as much as Landon, which I think is my favorite one on your list. :)

Shauna said...

I like Landon and Larson best.

Hope you don't have GDM!

Mimi said...

Oooh... I like Grady. I also really like Bennet. I do know an awful lot of Landons being born lately, so I think that is the next hot name that is in danger of being overused.

Black Sheeped said...

Ooohh, I like Grady even more than the others. TONS more. Next I like Bennett.

Anonymous said...

I'm still a Bennet fan myself.

Mommy Daisy said...

How did the diabetes test go? I hope all is well there.

Oh, my OB is great, no silly drinks. I got to eat a candy bar before the appointment! HA! Actually people tell me that most doctors will let you do that if you ask. Maybe that will help for next time. ;) But mine just does it that way, boy was I greatful that I didn't have to drink any nasty stuff.

I LOVE Grady!!! That's my favorite now. And I think it goes really well with your last name!

jess said...

Landon and Bennett are my favorites. I like Grady, just not as much as the other ones.

Have I heard the name Grady from you before, or was it Amy? I'll check with her and make sure they aren't thinking about using it too ;)

Lisa said...

I like Grady.
Landon is my favorite on your list and then Grady.

Not sure if you're taking other suggestions, others that I like that seem to fit in with yout list are:


Michelle said...

How about Brady instead of Grady? Just a thought. Connor was what I wanted for my son. His name is Sean. Glad Addy gave you a break today.

LoriD said...

Thumbs up on Grady. I also like Landon and Declan (I know that one wasn't from your list...)

Swistle said...

I like how Grady is similar to Brady, but without the Brady Bunch.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs down for Grady... but for no good reason at all. I just don't like the way it feels to say it.

Have you gotten the results of the test back yet?

desperate housewife said...

Swistle: Yes, exactly!
Erica: No- they usually only call if you have to come in again for the three hour test, so I'm thinking I'm in the clear since I haven't heard anything.