Monday, June 18, 2007

Fun In The Sun

We're back from the water park, and all went well. Addy slept neither on the way there nor on the way back, but it was still pretty smooth sailing thanks to the DVD player. This handy device also saved us while we waited for our food to come during a late dinner on Saturday night. Yes, I am sick to death of all things Baby Einstein. But no, I am not nearly sick enough of them to forfeit the peace and quiet that ensues after one of those bad boys is popped into the portable player. Also, I like when Addy starts randomly signing along with Marlee Matlin- I can smugly think what a little genius we've produced.
We had a beautiful room, especially since we got a free last-minute upgrade to an even nicer suite. I kind of wanted to stay another night just to enjoy the garden tub with jacuzzi jets and the steam shower and the giant plasma TV and the hot tub on the balcony (well, I could only watch other people enjoy that, but whatever.) Who needs water slides and alcoholic beverages when I can lounge in the suite, with the cozy fireplace turned on AND the air cranked up, because, hey, I'm not paying for it, and watch channels we don't get?
It was definitely a kid place to be. There was actually not a real swimming pool with a deep end anywhere in the place, although it's still under phase two of construction, so I think there will be eventually. Right now it's purely kid heaven- three foot pools and sprinklers and giant slides and water basketball and all kinds of craziness, both indoors and out. But Addy had a blast, Jim and I enjoyed the lazy river, and everyone got some sun, so all in all a successful trip! Giant tummy and all!
Things seem okay on that front, by the way. I only needed my contraction medicine once while on the trip, so I think my assumption- that I would actually be more relaxed away from home- was correct. I probably walked a little more than I thought I would, 'cause the place was just so huge, but I didn't ride any rides or even do that much Addy watching. She mostly played with Daddy and the grandparents, and I laid around and got to watch barely dressed people in various states of physical fitness chase after their kids. There were so many cuddly little babies there, and of course most of them seemed to be boys, at least the ones I noticed. I wanted to go up to people and ask, "Please, ma'am, may I smell your tiny little baby for a minute?"
I think the only minor mishap to report from the weekend was that on the way home, at the exact second that Jim commented, "Wow, Addy was so good this whole trip!" she decided to upturn an entire box of Cheez-Its all over herself and the carseat. Beware, parents, of bragging about your good fortune! seemed to be the implication of this incident.
Hope you all had a good weekend as well. Happy Belated Father's Day!

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Swistle said...

I lurrrrrve me a good hotel room. Sounds like the trip was a really good idea. Also, sounds to me like I am really, really, REALLY glad we rigged a DVD player for our trip later this week.