Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Perhaps We'll Name Him Braxton

As in, I'm having Braxton-Hicks contractions about a zillion times a day. Or perhaps they are not Braxton-Hicks contractions, ominously whispers the Debbie Downer who lurks in my brain. We'll find out on Thursday at the 28-wk. appointment, I guess. I am really hoping I'm not dilating or anything yet and get sentenced to bed rest, because we have trips planned! A nursery to paint! I still have things to cross off on my "Deep Cleaning Before Baby Comes" list! I'm not ready to be sidelined yet!
In no particular order, here are other random items of note:
1. I have good news from physical therapy. Today I was able to- hold on to your hats- put a basketball under my bad knee, and then lift my foot from the therapy table to full extension over the basketball! Which means I can complete this week of therapy, and then be finished, as long as I promise to keep up on my water aerobics class. Consider it done! Yay, me!
2. My anxiousness to be done with pregnancy is affecting my dream life. I keep having these vivid dreams of the baby's birth- first it was at home, and I delivered him myself. Last night I dreamed I had a C-section, then screamed at a nurse because she wasn't fast enough getting me my pain pills. I woke up from this dream panting and hoarse as though I had actually been yelling at someone. Scary. (Incidentally, in both dreams, the baby had a full head of dark hair, and was remarkably chubby for being two-three months early.)
3. My mom had a bunch of leftovers from my youngest sister's graduation party last weekend, so for the last three days, we have been enjoying delicious little petit fours (sp!?) And when I say we, I largely mean, I.
4. I looked for flat shoes for about an hour today and couldn't find any that met all of my requirements (not orthopedic looking, not expensive, wide enough not to pinch into the sides of my puffy swollen feet, slip-on style but not flip flops or open-backed tennis shoes.) So, I got a new bag instead, which made me even happier than shoes, because my previous purse was a giant canvas black hole with no organizational features, into which all sorts of crap disappeared, never to be found when needed. My new bag? It has FOUR separate compartments, and side pockets for phone and keys, and is red and cute and fits over my shoulder so that my hands are free. It's everything I ever dreamed of.


jen said...

well crocs are kind of orthopedic looking but I can't see my feet anymore so I don't care... but they don't complain! :)

Shauna said...

You poor thing.
I wish I could offer you some help in the shoe department. I wore flip flops for both my pregnancies.
And Whoo hoo! on the PT progress!

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

I had the craziest pregnancy dreams, too!

And please, don't name him Braxton...long story as to why, just trust me!

jess said...

I got my flats at Macy's, did you try there? They had a pretty good selection.

Woohoo on the new bag and no more PT!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the purse and it's adorable!
So why didn't you mention the wonderful party left-over roast beef, turkey and vegetable salad???? :)

Mommy Daisy said...

I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. Sending good vibes your way. It would be no fun to be stuck in bed at this point.

Shoes - Sears used to have some that had added comfort. They weren't even all flats, and they were comfy. Just an idea. They're pretty afordable too. I wore them when I subbed, because I was on my feet all day. Actually I wore them when pregnant too (for dressier occassions) and I wore them out.

Good going on the PT. And YEAH for mommies who send home left-overs.

Devan said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts that you don't have to go on bed rest!! I'm not much help on the shoes, I wore flip flops too. Even in the winter. I'm still wearing them now too...

Weird dreams. lol @ Braxton