Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rehab Is Kicking My Butt

Basically the title could be the entire post, just add some further whining and sweating and huffing and puffing and a pathetic, put-out look on my face. I actually enjoy the time to myself, kind of, and also the way that my therapy appointments fill the day and get Addy and I out of the house at least for awhile. But it's getting really hard! Today was gorgeous, breezy and not hot at all for once, and I was all energetic and had plans to do tons of stuff around the house today. But after rehab and grocery shopping, I felt like I needed to ice the knee and lay on the couch the rest of the day!
I probably should have, too, but got caught up putting away groceries and then checking the dryer and then so on. So I did do SOME stuff, but I definitely wasn't as productive as I had planned on being. Oh well. At least my leg is strong enough that I don't feel like such an invalid anymore. The bad side of this is that I haven't been wearing my brace as much, which I really should just as a precaution. I will kick myself if I forget about it one day and then fall again while doing some mundane little chore- did I mention that last time I fell while taking the trash out to the garage?
In other news, baby boy has moved from breech to completely sideways in my belly. When I lay on my side in bed, I can feel the kicks and stretches on both sides of my stomach simultaneously. It's such a strange feeling! But at least he's getting turned a little. Hopefully he'll be head down soon. I've also been having tons of Braxton-Hicks contractions lately, so I'm really hoping that won't be the prelude to anything more serious like it was last time. I'm kind of dreading my 28-week appointment. I'm afraid I'll go in and they'll ask about the contractions as always, and I'll say, "Oh, yeah, I'm having some," and then in comes Dr. D to do a check and announce that I'm dilating and must be on bedrest for the next eight weeks. But! Must think positive. I've heard early contractions are much more frequent in second and subsequent pregnancies than in first, so I'm sure that's all it is!
Here's a quick question for all you pregnant and recently pregnant people: Did you, or do you, get horrible headaches? It seems like the last few weeks I wake up with a sharp headache every single morning, and it sticks around on and off all day long. I'm drinking plenty of water and I've tried Tylenol, but it's not really helping. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I got TERRIBLE headaches while I was pregnant. Migraines, even. I ended up taking Darvocet a couple of times. The doc said it was safe for occasional use during pregnancy.

Are you drinking enough? Dehydration causes headaches, you know.

Anonymous said...

18 weeks here and I started having migranes at around 6 weeks, and they are not leaving me alone.

Sorry forgot my login so anonymous post.
name: Darya

jen said...

I'm getting tons of bh with my third. Never knew what a contraction was with my first, 2nd I had a few, this one I get them almost every time I have to pee lol

I got awful headaches while pregnant. It is dehydration, but even drinking tons of water didn't help me. What helps me is to drink a glass of gatorade with all my water. People can make fun of that all they want and asy "pfft just drink juice" but juice just put me in a sugar coma for the rest of the day. I know people are skeptical of gatorade but it works for me and isn't prohibitively expensive so you might give it a shot, got nothing to lose, right? Hope you feel better... Oh, plus we're in hurricane season and I get headaches whenever the pressure changes. That could be it too.

Black Sheeped said...

I'm not pregnant, but I ALWAYS get splitting headaches this time of year. I think it's the up and down atmospheric pressure, combined with everything in the world blooming. I've found that drinking lots of water/gatorade/tea helps, and once I got a facial massage that helped. Also, it was expensive. I know you think you're hydrated, but woman! Drink more! It might help with the veins in your head!

Or ignore me, as I am not pregnant.

I hope it stops soon. I'll send non-headache vibes your way.

jess said...

I agree with erica. Th eonly time I've ever gotten headaches is when I have been extremely dehydrated. Try drinking some more water.

desperate housewife said...

All right, all right, geez- I'm getting beat over the head with the hydration talk! I guess I could always up the water/Gatorade intake. And spend even MORE time peeing! But it would be worth it.

InTheDesert said...

Just over 14 weeks here, and am with you with the headache thing- I KNOW it's not dehydration- I drink about 2.5 liters of water every day. They seem to be getting worse the further along I get and I dread getting to 30+weeks. The only thing that I find that helps is to sit or lie quietly for a while- but not so easy when you have a toddler I'd imagine. Hang in there, at least you know it's not permanent!