Wednesday, June 20, 2007

To-MORROW! Tomorrow!

Is my next cervix check! Oh the joys! I have a feeling everything will be fine, I really do, but there is still the naggy little worry of BEDREST. Full blown, only-getting-up-to-pee bedrest. Everyone, pray for me, or meditate, or think good, positive thoughts or whatever you do! Because not only do I really want the baby to not come too early, I also, more selfishly, really want to go back to my water aerobics class. I can feel my stupid bad leg getting weaker by the day as I sit around doing nothing. I was finally getting somewhere with the rehab and then, boom. Banished from exercise. I need two functional knees to get around with two little kids, people, I just do. I see no way around it, short of having a pack horse follow me around to safely carry the babies while I limp gingerly ahead.
Anyways... I am otherwise in a happy mood this morning because my sister cleaned the whole house yesterday, more or less, and my MIL came over and folded some laundry and rescued Jim's terminally wrinkled work shirts that had been lying in a laundry basket for a day and a half. So I don't have to walk into the kitchen and see the sticky dirty floor and be stressed that I'm not allowed to mop it because, tada! It is no longer dirty or sticky. Also, it rained yesterday a few times, just for about ten minutes, but enough to give a flicker of hope to our brown, dying lawn.
AND yesterday I got a lot of work done on the crosstitch I'm doing for the new baby. I have only, to date, finished one other crosstitch, for Adelay, but I kind of enjoyed it, and now I feel it's only fair to do one for this baby, too. I'm doing one of Tigger. Originally I was doing Winnie the Pooh, but I realized a few hours into it that I had gotten all the colors mixed up, don't ask me how, and it was now beyond fixing. So I just started over on another one.
Next project: painting the baby's room. Not for me to actually do, of course, just to think about obsessively until someone else does it.


Swistle said...

*squeezing eyes shut and crossing fingers tightly* NO BED REST, NO BED REST, NO BED REST.

Lisa said...

Good luck! I hope there are no changes to report tomorrow.

Devan said...

Best of luck. I see NO bed rest in your future!!

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

I'm hoping all is well. I'm definitely thinking of you.

Update us soon!

jen said...

so what's the verdict??

ttsc said...

I'm dying tohear how your dr appt went, let us know. I hope it went well!