Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Random Facts

Okay, Mommy Daisy tagged me for this meme, which is pretty simple- seven random facts or habits about myself which might be interesting. I'll try, but no promises on the interesting part.
1. I am a big nibbler. Like, if I make a cake or a pan of brownies or whatever, I'll just leave a fork right there in the baking dish and come around every hour or so and eat directly from the dish. Which means I end up eating probably a lot more than a serving size throughout the day. This is kind of sick, right? And germy, and also probably the reason why my thighs have lumps.

2. I have what borders on a fetish about dusting. Of all the undone household tasks which annoy me the most, it is layers of dust which will most depress me and make me feel like everything is coming apart at the seams. I know that this is irrational, as things like dishes and laundry and picking up toys and wiping up sticky kitchen tables are much more important to general household order than polishing the furniture, but there it is.

3. I went away to college for about two and half weeks, then returned to go to school in my hometown. Reason number one for this? My boyfriend still lived at home. Yes, I am a loser. Oh, and then after one semester at the local school, I dropped out and got married (to a different boyfriend) and started trying to get pregnant. This is not all that unusual, I realize, but I still find it hard to believe about myself. I used to truly and sincerely believe I would travel around and be a journalist or something, or a brilliant English professor, possibly at Oxford. Apparently my baby-making hormones had already claimed me for the duration of my twenties and there was little I could do to stop them.

4. I overpluck my eyebrows. I know that I do, but am powerless to stop myself once I get those tweezers in my hand.

5. I am obsessed with Jane Austen-period movies. These are not to be confused with the BOOKS actually written by Jane Austen; those I find boring and long on the descriptive paragraphs. But movies ADAPTED from her books- now, those are a different story altogether. My favorite is Sense and Sensibility, the one with Emma Thompson. I've probably seen it thirty times.

6. I went to a small private school in high school, uniforms and everything. My graduating class had twenty-four people. There were parts of this that were great, and also parts I hated.

7. I keep journals to both my children. I started doing this when I was pregnant with Addy. I try to write to them at least once a month (when it was just Addy, I did it more often) about what new things they're doing, what's going on in their lives, etc. And about how much I love them, of course.

Okay, now I was supposed to tag seven whole people to do this, but Addy is getting bored and cranky and needs to go down for a nap now and it will take me like ten minutes at least to think of and link to that many people (there, there's a bonus eighth random fact- I love blogging but am still painfully slow at even simple things.) So if you want to, tag yourself, and if you don't, don't!


jen said...

#1: A FORK??!! I just pick it off with my fingers hee hee.

Oh my favorite thing to do is to cut a whole narrow line off a piece of cake so no one sees a missing piece. Even though the husband wouldn't really care if I ate the whole cake as long as I saved him a piece, but still. I think that's a sign of a sickness though.

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing with the "narrow line" of cake!!!
Much less obvious than a big square and so not-obvious that you can almost fool yourself into believing you didn't eat any!

Devan said...

OMG I do that too. Mostly so that my husband won't come home and immediately notice that there is some missing. He must wander around going "that cake is shrinking..."

Black Sheeped said...

J. doesn't even like cake/brownies, so if I make one, it is only me eating it. And it is horrifying to watch it shrink away. At least you guys can pretend someone else is doing it. :)

In response to your comment, I don't know if you realize how dangerous an open invitation for me to talk is. Trust me. I can go on for hours, days, years. The internet is lucky I censor about 99 percent of what I want to say.

Mona said...

I can identify with #6. My graduating class had 7 people in it. I want to join in on this meme!

Sam said...

Try as I might, I cannot read Jane Austen either. And I love to read! And I love every single movie based on any one of her books! But I cannot read her books. Sense and Sensibility (The Movie) - so good, I really can't articulate it. I found the screenplay with journal entries by Emma Thompson at a used bookstore, and it's very funny.