Friday, June 15, 2007

Knocked Up and Knocked Out

Wow, so, these drugs are pretty potent. But then, drugs always seem to be especially potent in my nervous system. Pharmaceutical drugs, I should clarify. I took one tiny little 25mg tablet last night and was nearly incoherent with sleepiness by nine pm, despite having napped already that afternoon. And I slept soundly until nine this morning! Yikes. I still feel kind of dazed and disoriented, and now it's almost time to take another pill. I'm a little scared.
You remember that movie, "Father of the Bride, Part II"? Remember the scene where George (Steve Martin), exhausted from so many false labor alarms in the middle of the night, decides to take a sleeping pill from his crazy party planner/decorator, Franc (Martin Short)? And then two minutes later he falls face-first into his soup bowl? And you know how Franc says, "He took them BOTH? Two of those, it's like, 'Goodnight, George, see you next Thursday'!"
It kinda feels like that. Keep me away from the soup bowls.


Devan said...

OMG I can hear his accent in my head. I love that movie. lol
Those are scary pills - but at least you'll be well rested!! Actually, wanna slip me one? he he

Anonymous said...

Martin...Steve Martin

Shauna said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear you're so tired. But just relish the rest you're getting!