Friday, March 16, 2007

We're Off To See The Wizard

Actually, we're off to see my cousin get married. But we'll be gone through Saturday night, and Sunday I'll probably be unpacking and doing laundry (or lying on the couch eating Dairy Queen- it's a toss up.) So, all ten of my readers, fear not! I shall return to blog world on Monday.
Everyone wish us luck- we're going to have Addy in a hotel room overnight, which she hasn't done since she was about six months old, I think. The plan is to wear her out with swimming, and by the time we all go to bed she'll be exhausted. Swimming seems to have that effect on kids, I've noticed. Swimming and sun, especially, but we'll have to do without the sun.
Also, congratulate me, because I found (actually, my mom found, and purchased- thanks!) a really cute maternity dress to wear to the wedding. It's got a hint of sexy, and it quite clearly shouts, "This bump is a baby, not a beer gut!" One of my favorite features in any maternity outfit during the pre-six months along stage. Will I actually dance in this dress? Unlikely, since it takes an unhealthy amount of alcohol to convince me to hit the dance floor (See, Untitled, from December.)
But I will be rubbing my belly and smiling that glowing Madonna and Child smile at anyone who looks my way. Another fun part of pregnancy- everyone smiles at you benevolently, thanking you for carrying on the human race. Well, unless you're a skanky looking pregnant woman who's hair isn't washed and whose current child is screaming through the grocery store. Then I've found the smiles come less often. So, as long as you're wishing me good luck with the hotel sleeping, wish it for Adelay's behavior at the wedding, too! (Maybe we could slip her my share of the champagne...)


Lisa said...

Good luck with the hotel sleeping and have a great time at the wedding!

Swistle said...

GOOD LUCK! Although, considering the dress you found, it sounds like good luck is already your BFF.

coffee stained said...

Have a great time at the wedding! I bet Addy will love the hotel. All that swimming and elevator rides... she'll be in heaven.