Friday, March 23, 2007

It's That Time Again

Time to complain to me! You remember the rules- sympathize with one of my grievances, then contribute one of your own. Once you've thoroughly vented, resolve not to let it frustrate you anymore, at least for the rest of the day. The blog will absorb all of our collective wrath, and we will forgo at least one frown wrinkle in our foreheads.

So here's mine:

1. This stupid computer!! It takes like three tries of starting and then shutting it down before the mouse will unfreeze and start moving on the screen. Drives me NUTS!

2. The dog's muddy paws and shedding hair. I read in someone's blog the other day that she thinks dog hair will be the death of her, and I am inclined to agree. I am sure I spend more time per day scowling and grumbling about the dog hair and the wiping of the dirty paws than I do grumbling about world poverty and the worrisome national deficit.

3. The weird grungy green stuff which always appears in the fridge below the milk cartons. Always there, nowhere else, and it's not as though the milk is sitting there taking root and growing mold, so I just don't get it! Clearly, I just need to clean it, but why doesn't this weirdness appear anywhere but beneath the milk?! It's a scientific mystery.

4. Why is there half a day's value of saturated fat in just one of Schwan's heavenly Gold 'n' Nugget bars? Something so delicious should not be so bad for you. Those things are like frozen Snicker's bars, but better. Besides, the baby craves them! What can I do, deny my child?

5. Having to clean the table, highchair, and floor beneath the highchair every single time Adelay eats. Cleanup usually takes longer than meal prep and eating combined. The mindlessness and endlessness of this particular chore make it my top annoyance of this week.

There, all done! Your turn.


Black Sheeped said...

Can I be annoying and not complain, but instead, make a suggestion or two? We live with a dog and two cats. I bought a pet hair removal mit from Target (4.99) and it works AWESOMELY. Also, a damp sponge picks up hair off of furniture and curtains like a magnet. Also, bathing the dog regularly helps.

Also, maybe the green stuff appears because, if you are like us at all, you always keep the milk in the same spot in the fridge (and other things in the fridge tend to move around, get put in other spots, etc) and so if any spores of mold remain, they are protected in the dark and closed in (un-aired out) spot. So it comes back. Maybe if you move the milk to another part of the fridge for a few weeks, and Lysol those spots a ton, they'll go away.

Sorry I'm so annoying, but dog hair and mold both bother me and I like to get rid of them, so I had to share. So I guess I sympathize with both. My own today would have to be the bad drivers in this town. I nearly died about six million times on my way to the grocery store.

ttsc said...

I agree, I hate hate cleaning the highchair. I don't know why, I have a mental block and it just bothers me so much. I guess it's not that big of a deal but it just seems like such a huge chore especially if it's something really messy and it's stuck in all the corners.

desperate housewife said...

Black Sheep- I do always keep the milk in the same spot, you're right. I'll have to try moving it. Thanks for the tip!
As far as the dog hair thing goes, also good ideas. The only thing is that bathing the dog regularly is quite a task, considering he is a German Shepherd mix, weighs about eighty pounds, and has the build of a deer. He is skittish and coltish and falls all over himself trying to escape the tub and my grip. I can't really do it by myself. I do think there's a place in town, a pet store, where there's an outdoor dog shower thing you can pay to use for large dogs.

Black Sheeped said...

My dog is 80-85 pounds, too. Hooray for big doggies! We spent a day teaching him to get in and out of the tub (first with no water and with lots of treats, of course) and we just hung out in it and made him think it was such a fun game to get in the tub. We also put down a towel in the bottom of the tub so he had something to grip. But if you don't have that much time/patience on your hands (obviously I am out of control with the way I spend Saturdays) the outdoor shower sounds great. :)

jess said...

I will remember my prayer for yesterday and attempt not to complain today, although it really does sound like fun :)