Monday, March 12, 2007

Help Wanted

Needed: Knowledge on how to help a formerly angelic sleeper settle down at night and not give herself hysterics/bloody noses/gagging episodes in her efforts to resist the crib and sleep in general. Said child was awake until eleven thirty last night. Her mother was ready to crawl out of her own skin. There were all sorts of conflicting feelings being passed around the house like mutating viruses: compassion, guilt, annoyance, frustration, self-pity... The gang was all here! And their soundtrack was screaming. Shrill, piercing, haunted-house-worthy screaming.

Wanted: Opinions about the following names for boys: Clayton, Merrick, Drayson, Larson, Landon, Bennett. Also, for girls: Eliana, Sabriya, Talia. Opinions should include, merits of the name itself, as well as thoughts about how the name sounds with the name of first child.

Please Advise: Is it normal at this point in pregnancy to already feel a lot of discomfort in the front of my stomach? Is this just muscles stretching, or what? It's right through the middle, and it's especially tender right around my navel. Am I lifting Addy too much, maybe? Help!


Swistle said...

It may take her awhile to settle down after being in different locations. When we had company when my firstborn was about 18 months old, it took a couple of weeks before his sleep was back to normal. That's not very helpful, is it? I mean, what are you supposed to do in the meantime, bang your head against the door?

Yay, baby names! I love to talk about baby names! How is Talia pronounced, is it more like TAL-yah or more like tah-LEE-ah, or something else? My favorite from the boy name list is Larson (I also like the similar name Lawson). My favorite from the girl name list is Eliana. I think they all sound good with Adelay.

Pregnancy soreness--I'm not sure, because I seem to forget each week of pregnancy as soon as it's over, but it seems like I did have soreness at around the point where you are now.

Jess said...

The ones I like for boys are: Clayton, Landon, and Bennett.

Sorry, but I'm not a big fan of the girl names. They just aren't my style. I'm one of those boring, traditional names people. (This is precisely why I am not telling people our name choices prior to the baby being here. I watched it happen with my sister. Everyone had nothing but negative opinions about her name choices for child #1. Once the child came, no one cared and everyone thought the name was perfect for him. So, for child #2 she chose not to tell anyone the names. This saved her from having hurt feelings. Once the baby is here, people aren't as opinionated about name choices.)

Also, I think I read in one of my books that muscle soreness can begin in month 4. I think it happens earlier the second time around too.

desperate housewife said...

We were thinking that Talia would be pronounced like TAL-yah, as in the old actress Talia Shire. But now that I read your other pronounciation, I kinda like that one too. Which do you like?

Tessie said...

I like Larson and Bennett for boy names and Eliana.

On the nickname angle, you could have Addy and Benny or Addy and Ellie. Cute, cute, cute.

coffee stained said...

Ditto to Swistle about the sleep. If Addy's sleep issues continue though, I highly recommend the book Good Night Sleep Tight and its methods (which totally work for Jo Jo). It advocates a modified version of straight-up crying it out where you put the kid to bed awake but very tired, then sit in the room as the child falls aleep in their crib. If the kid stands up crying, you lie the them back down, pat them, whatever, but don't pick them up. Each night you move closer to the door until they can go to sleep on their own. The first few nights we did this with Jo Jo were awful because of her temper, but each subsequent night she reduced her screaming time by 1/2, so I knew it was working and that we were breaking her. Sorry for the long response on that one.

As for names, I like Talia and Bennett (which I would love to use myself if it didn't conflict with our last name).

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I love Landon and Clayton. Of the girls, I think Sabriya is my least favorite just because it seems like her whole life people will be saying, "What? Sabrina? No N? How do you spell that?" Adelay is unusual and unique, but there's not really any ambiguity in how to pronounce it, in my opinion. I do like Tal-yah better than tah-lee-ah, and I like Eliana as well. Just my two cents.

Black Sheeped said...

I like Bennett the best. And Eliana. They seem solid.

Anonymous said...

I like Bennett & Eliana as well, but I find Drayson very intriguing! I also agree with Kelli's assessment of Sabriya being mangled her entire life.

Swistle said...

I had a thought. Sabriya and Adelay are perhaps the most compatible two names on the list, since both of them are variations on a more common version: Adelay is almost-but-not-quite-Adelaide, and Sabriya is almost-but-not-quite-Sabrina. This gives both of them a familiar flavor--but makes them different from the usual. Since both of them substitute a Y for the usual sound, they go together beautifully.

Lynanne said...

Are you sure you aren't writing about my 17 month-old daughter's sleeping habits as of late? Let me know when you find what works!

For names...ugh... I'm horrible about coming up with names. My poor children almost left the hospital without names. On your list, my first choice would be Eliana (it was on our list too) and Sabriya for a girl. For a boy...hmmm...I guess Landon would be my first choice. We're having difficulty with a boy's name ourselves.

On your last one question. My guess is yes it's probably normal and yes its probably ligaments and such stretching. (of course if you are worried you should ask your doctor/midwife). I thought I'd be all stretched out from being pregnant before but still had discomfort all the way to the end.