Monday, March 26, 2007

Pot Stickers... And Oh Yeah, I'm Famous!

Hey all, hope you had a great weekend. We had a really nice time with Jim's family; his grandma and brother were in town, which is a rarity, and we all hung out on Saturday and Sunday. It was also his niece's birthday party Saturday, so that was fun. Gotta love birthday desserts! And present opening. My daughter, it seems, has inherited my gene which renders me practically unable to restrain myself from tearing into piles of gifts, whether they're mine or not. This is not one of my nobler characteristics.
Today was fun, too. I took Addy to my husband's family's restaurant, which we both enjoy, for lunch, and then to play in the Children's Garden since it was so nice out. She had a lot of fun crouching in the mulch, transporting handfuls of dirt from one empty vegetable bed to another. Unfortunately, they hadn't turned on the fountain yet, so there was nowhere to wash OFF the dirt, but it was worth it. It was even worth the screaming tantrum that ensued when we finally had to leave the garden.
When we got home, I allowed myself to take a nap as soon as Addy went down, even though there was plenty of things that needed doing. It felt great; I slept for about three hours! When I got up, it was almost six. Jim and I talked and played with Addy for awhile, then decided to go out for Chinese, which we haven't done in a long time. And who knew? Adelay likes pot stickers! I mean, what the heck? This child has refused to touch meat her entire life, and she was devouring the ground chicken filling as though she hadn't eaten in a week. We actually had a pleasant meal in a nice restaurant with a toddler! It was kind of miraculous. We stopped at Toys'R'Us afterwards to check out their selection of toddler beds, and also so Addy and her dad could try out all the tiny little bikes and cars! Fun stuff.
But what made this day so particularly interesting and fun and glamorous? Well, since you asked...
This morning, I was on TV! Granted, it was a local station and I doubt there were millions of adoring fans watching, but still! I was being interviewed on a morning talk show kind of format about this mom's group at our church that my sister-in-law and I helped start. I also had to talk a little about myself, which was slightly more difficult, but overall, not nearly as scary as I was anticipating. I was only on the air about fifteen minutes, but that's the closest brush with fame I've had, so my ego was pleasantly stroked. I'm a star!
I'm terrified to watch it when it's aired tomorrow morning- no doubt I will be horrified at the sound of my own voice and the lack of symmetry in my facial structure and the extra fifty pounds added by the camera! At least the host kindly mentioned my pregnant status, so maybe the viewers will assume I am ordinarily slender and waif-like, with high, chiseled cheekbones and only one chin.


Jess said...

Please videotape it for me!!

Mid-Life Momentum said...

You did a GREAT job as a celebrity! Mom and MIL were very proud!

Mommy Daisy said...

Sounds like you had a nice day yesterday. I've been loving this weather. I need to go eat downtown soon. We don't go there often anymore, but it sounds really good.

Oh, I wish I would have known about you being on TV earlier. I soooo would have watched that. I'm sure you did a GREAT job!