Sunday, March 11, 2007

Back From The Windy City

So Jim and I had a really nice time in Chicago this weekend. Jim and his dad went to a couple of the Big Ten games, and his mom and I went shopping. We went out to dinner with Jim's cousin, who lives in Chicago, then we all went to see The Second City, which was very good. We had leisurely breakfasts in the hotel restaurant, and Jim and I enjoyed the pool and hot tub (well, my legs enjoyed the hot tub.)
The only thing that rained on my parade was a truly wicked headache, which hit while we were out shopping on Friday- by the time I managed to get my sorry self to the hotel room, I was nearly blind with pain, and of course I didn't have medicine with me. I drank tea, turned all the lights out, and tried to lay down, but lowering my head made me feel as though someone were driving ice picks through my temples, so I had to settle for being propped up on three pillows, semi-reclining. I also realized I hadn't eaten in about four hours, which for me equals practically dying of starvation, so I speedy quick ordered up a little personal pizza. Jim returned shortly before the pizza, bearing rapid release Tylenol. These two remedies finally shrunk the headache down to a manageable little throbbing, much to my relief, and I was able to completely enjoy the dinner and show later.
One thing I am still bitter about, though, is that I tried on every stinking pair of pants in Mimi Maternity (we don't have one in our city, so I was looking forward to shopping there) and NOTHING fit! Here I was, prepared to shell out more than my usual twenty bucks for, essentially, a pair of fat pants, and I couldn't find anything! So here I am, bursting out of my regular pants, unable to button the tops, safety pinning them together in a raggedy and uncomfortable fashion. The only pants I have from the last pregnancy are capris, because with Addy I didn't get big until about June. I have like TEN pairs of shorts and capris, but only one pair of elastic-waist pants. I have been wearing the heck out of them.
Adelay did very well, apparently, without us. She stayed with several different people over the course of the weekend, so I was a little worried that she would be overwhelmed because of all the changes of location. But everyone said she was fine. Yet, last night, when we went to put her to bed, it was apparent that she was feeling a little insecure after having been left behind. She screamed her head off every time we put her in the crib, jumping against the rails and trying to climb out. She got so hysterical at one point she was gagging and choking, and then in all her jumping managed to give herself a bloody nose.
We felt so awful. We got her in and out of bed like three times. The third time, when Jim tried to lay her down and she bumped her nose, we felt so horrible we just gave up and laid her on the couch next to me. We turned all the lights off and put in a Baby Einstein movie, and she settled down. When the movie ended, I brought her to bed with me, and after a half hour or so she fell asleep at last, her head nestled into my neck at an excruciatingly uncomfortable angle. My hair was matted with her sweat and milky drool by the time I managed to extricate myself from the weight of her body.
So... I don't think we'll be leaving her overnight again for awhile. That was pretty rough aftermath. Although, I think part of the problem was that we left really early Friday, while she was still asleep, so she woke up to a stranger in her house and no mom or dad. We thought it would be easier that way, but in hindsight it would probably have been a smoother transition if we had gotten her up, said goodbye, and then handed her off the babysitter. Maybe she would have been less confused or something. I don't know. I just feel bad about it all around. She must have thought we had abandoned her!
So, other than parental guilt, we had a really nice weekend. And I have to say, it was nice to get to do our own thing and not worry about sippy cups and diapers and strollers and naps and all that. So, hope you all had some fun this weekend as well!


Black Sheeped said...

Will it warm up enough for capris soon? I'm thinking of busting mine out, even though we live in the mountains and it's still winter. I've seen a lot of flip flops and capris already, even though we are still getting snow. :)

coffee stained said...

I feel your pain on the maternity pants issue. I remember trying on what seemed like eleventy million pairs of pants with no luck. The only ones that fit me were the ones I bought online from Gap maternity, so I wore them almost every day despite their grunginess towards the end. I think I paid $45 for them, and they were worth every penny.

I'm glad you had a fun trip despite the headache and Adelay's grumpiness upon your return. We took Jo Jo with us this weekend and she did ok, but we didn't get to have the freedom from diapers and sippys that you did. I'm a little jealous :-)