Monday, March 19, 2007

Wait and Wonder

Health is a big giant pain in the rump. First, a week or so ago, Adelay gets this diaper rash which refuses to depart, despite days and days of vigilant creaming and frequent diaper changing. My SIL clues me in that she might have an ear infection or something, but just isn't exhibiting other symptoms. So, I call and schedule her eighteen-month checkup a little early, thinking I will mention this whole ear infection possibility then. But they couldn't get me in for two weeks, and now, a week since I called, the rash remains and the appointment is still a week from tomorrow. So I'm thinking I need to take her in.
Also, I've been noticing weird pain through my belly, which I mentioned awhile ago. I pretty much narrowed the belly-button-tenderness situation down to being a separated stomach muscle, which I've heard is pretty common in pregnancy. But now for several days I've also been having what I'm pretty sure are contractions- my stomach seems to ball up and I feel pain low, like menstrual cramps, not on the side like muscle stretching. I finally called the OB office this morning, and the nurse I talked to sounded concerned and said she thought I should be examined since I have a history of preterm labor, but that my doctor is out for the week.
So now I have to basically try to lie around and do nothing but prop my feet up and drink lots of water until he gets back, and take careful note of when and how often I feel these pains. If they get worse or more frequent, I have to go to the ER or to another OB in town to get checked out. Yay! Everyone knows how much I love being in limbo, just sitting around waiting to find out if something is wrong or not.
I'm trying not to be overly concerned though. I mean, some things I've read say that in second pregnancies, it's not uncommon for Braxton-Hicks to start much earlier than in first pregnancies. On the other hand... What if I have an incompetent cervix or something that's been made even weaker since the last baby, and my body is already starting labor? That freaks me out so much. I know the chances of that are pretty slim, but when you're just lying around with nothing to do but think, those are the things you think about. Good old worst case scenarios.


Swistle said...

Your doctors suck. I say it right to them, if they are listening: You guys SUCK. I'm sure they are very competent--when they can be BOTHERED TO SEE PATIENTS. That is crazy to be like, "Oh, your OB is out this week, so I'm afraid you're out of luck." Or to make a child wait 2 weeks for an appointment. CRAZY.

Black Sheeped said...

I think I agree with Swistle on this one. I'd hate sitting around worrying--can you just call other docs to see if you can get in somewhere else? I can't imagine the stress of worrying will help matters any.

Jess said...

I agree with black sheeped - can't you see if any of the other doctors in the practice can see you? With your history I'm sure that they would be willing to do that.

That sucks. I'm sorry. Let me know if you need any help. I know I can't clean your bathroom the way you want it, but maybe I can cook something for dinner ;)

desperate housewife said...

I should clarify a couple things- I didn't actually mention to the receptionist when I made Addy's original appt. that I thought she might have an ear thing going on. But I called back today, told them I would see any of the doctors, and got in tomorrow morning.
Also, the OB that I see doesn't have anyone else in his practice, so if I want to see him I kind of have to wait. But I'm thinking I might call back in the morning and ask for a referral somewhere else, because I was still pretty crampy today even after laying down all afternoon.

coffee stained said...

Good that they will see Addy tomorrow. I hope that they give a swift diagnosis and remedy that is pleasing to all.

As for your personal conundrum, I hope that you get to see someone as soon as you can. My OB is also the only one in her practice, and I've always wondered how she handled things when she went on vacation, or handled her regular appointments when she was, you know, delivering babies.

Mommy Daisy said...

I hope that your appointments go well now that you've gotten something scheduled sooner. I think that was a wise decision. Good luck.