Friday, February 02, 2007

The Winter Of Our Discontent

Okay, I have not actually read this book, but the title went floating through my head today as I realized that I was really whipped up with excitement to be going to- look out!- the orthopedic hospital. It occurred to me at that point that I must be getting pretty darn bored and stir crazy.
Not only did I get to go the hospital and sit with my mom and sister while we waited for my dad to get out of back surgery, I got to eat Arby's for lunch! And then, on the way home, order three apple dumplings from Cracker Barrel for take-out! (These were not all consumed by me, btw.)
I mean, a couple of months ago this would have sounded like a drag (okay, the dumplings would still have been good) : greasy fast food, a hospital waiting room. But today? A real outing! I actually wore pants that did not begin with the word "sweat," and there was a dusting of makeup on my face!
And you want to know the oddest thing? I didn't feel that sick today until this evening, after being home for several hours. Something about being in these four walls, watching the same messes recreate themselves over and over, opening the same refrigerator door a hundred times to stare at food choices which never change, makes me feel worse. I've decided that I need to try harder to get myself out of the house, even when I don't initially feel up to it, because I think in the end being out and about distracts me from just concentrating on how bad I feel, how messy the house is, and how due to the feeling bad the house is not likely to look better anytime soon.
So yeah, I am going to try to beat the winter blues/pregnancy slump by dragging my sorry self to thrilling places like Kohls and the mall and the bakery, just to breathe some fresh air and look at something besides our paint colors, the sight of which are starting to make me even more nauseous. Someone told me once that certain colors made her sick while pregnant and I thought that was crazy, but now I understand. The very sight of the dog is making me sick the last few days too. But we know why that is.
Ooh, random side note: I am so excited for this Sunday's baby shower, even though it means I absolutely must clean tomorrow, because I have ordered a fabulous cake, much larger than we need! Oh, just thinking about eating leftover cake for a week makes me happy. I can practically taste the fluffy, whipped icing- none of that nasty butter cream crap for me, no, this icing I ordered is like slightly thickened whipped cream, and it is heaven in my mouth! (Whoops, does that sound sort of weird?)


Black Sheeped said...

That is absolutely the best type of icing. Lucky you!

Swistle said...

Mmm, I love that kind of frosting, if it's what I'm thinking of--the kind that almost has a COOL feeling.

When I was in the worst of the queasiness, I noticed that when I went out to the mall I sometimes felt okay for even hours on end. I think high distraction combined with happy things must help dampen queasiness.

Mommy Daisy said...

I'm glad that your little outing was good for you. Sometimes it's just good to be out and around other people. Expecially people over 3 feet tall. ;)

I hope that the shower goes well on Sunday. The cake sounds yummy! I love that icing too. We're headed out of town after church, so I won't be able to make the shower. Good luck getting all the cleaning done. (I'm already making lists of the deep cleaning I need to do before we have people over for baby's first birthday party in a month.)

Anonymous said...

For those of you who don't personally know "SDH", I just wanted to let you know that she is NOT overweight at all and is a very attractive young mother. It dawned on me that from reading her "food rantings" you might all think she looks like a beached whale! Ahhhh . . . to be young and have a good metabolism!!!