Monday, February 12, 2007

My Parenting Report Card

Things Addy Still Refuses Eat:
1. carrots
2. green beans
3. broccoli
4. basically all vegetables
5. almost all fruits

Things Addy Is Now Eating Regularly:
1. tater tots
2. frozen pizza
3. waffles
4. macaroni and cheese
5. ravioli

(Thoughts on these lists: I am fostering the crappiest eating habits of all time, and am really doing my part in contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic sweeping our nation. Pats on the back for me!)

Words Addy Now Says Clearly
1. hi and bye
2. mama and dada
3. ball
4. baba (that's bottle)
5. dog

Words Addy Now Says- Sort Of
1. down
2. blanket
3. more
4. kitty
5. what's that?

(Thoughts on these lists: I will now stop boring you with kid updates which are of interest only to myself and my immediate relatives.)

But first... I have to tell you that Adelay dances now. She sticks her little duck butt out and does slow, rhythmic knee bends whilst bopping her head and grinning. She is my little pot-bellied, slightly deranged looking dancing queen. She is my favorite thing ever.


Swistle said...

I love #s 4 and 5 on the refuses-to-eat list!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Oh, the dancing sounds great! :)

Gillian would not eat one single fruit until after she was two. Then all of a sudden they became acceptable. Same with carrots. She still hates green beans and broccoli though.

Black Sheeped said...

But, come on. Macaroni and cheese is sooooooo good.

Anonymous said...

If I made those first two lists for myself, they'd be awful similar to Addy's lists. Maybe we she get together for lunch someday, her and I. : )

Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, she'll eat someday...hopefully. And she's saying quite a bit. I haven't seen Addy in a while. I'm sure she's grown up too much. Her little "dance" sounds like it's the cutest thing ever. Those little things make all the trial of motherhood very rewarding.

Anonymous said...

On the "dancing" thing . . . who do you think she might have inherited some rhythm from? Let's just hope she doesn't show up in someone's wedding reception videos some day!!!