Friday, February 22, 2008

Would You Rather...

...Do without toothpaste or shampoo?
This is going to be a FUN post today, yes sir. Further ridiculous poll taking, because I am tired and for various reasons overwhelmed, despite the fact that Eli SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. He did wake up once and stir and snuffle around quite loudly, causing me to hunch over the baby monitor and WILL him back to sleep, but he never actually fully achieved consciousness in order to demand food.
So there is that cause for celebration. And apparently around here we celebrate by not showering and eating frozen corn dogs for lunch.

Ahem! On to the good stuff. (Yes, I know, I'm playing it loose and fast with the term "good.") Would you rather:
-Refer to first sentence.
-Have a maid, a cook, or (if applicable) a nanny?
-Have a hairstylist or a makeup artist?


Lordy, I'm sorry. Just pretend you never read this and click on out if you must. I won't hold it against you. I'm going to try to sleep now. Or shower. Or eat something not from a Schwann's box.


Jess said...

I would rather do without shampoo because having a dirty mouth is just the grossest thing ever. Also (this may be cheating), you could just use soap on your hair if you had to.

I'd rather have a maid. I like cooking. But I hate cleaning.

I'd rather have a makeup artist, because I'm good at doing my own hair, whereas I have only two different makeup looks that I'm good at.

Congrats on Eli sleeping through the night! I hope the things that are overwhelming you improve soon.

LoriD said...

Yay to sleeping through the night!

I would rather do without shampoo. There are lots of other things that could clean your hair (body wash, dish soap, etc.)

Maid, for sure. I've done the nanny thing (it has both good and bad points) and I don't mind cooking, but my house could really use some regular cleaning.

I'd rather have a hair stylist. I don't care much about makeup and I would be worried that she would put too much on me. Also, my hair is a disaster.

Fun poll!

jen said...

I'd rather do without shampoo because I can tie my hair back if you won't let me cheat and use soap.

I'd rather have a nanny, because I enjoy cooking and take satisfaction out of cleaning, but at least I could get a few moments to myself with the nanny.

And I'd rather have a hair stylist tell me what to do w/my hair, since I am clueless in that regard and would actually USE the knowledge I'd gained. I'd totally not wear makeup every day.

Tessie said...

I'd rather do without shampoo too. As Lori said, there are plenty of substitutes for shampoo but no good ones that I can think of for toothpaste.

I'd rather have a maid. And a hairstylist. Especially the hairstylist. NEED HELP.

Marie Green said...

THROUGH THE NIGHT??? Send that boy my way, he can whip my SIXTEEN MONTH OLD WHO WAKES ALL NIGHT into shape. ;)

ok, I think I'd choose shampoo over toothpaste (you can use baking soda, or just the brush and achieve the "not furry" feeling).

I'd rather have a maid, as in someone to clean my house.

I'd take either a makeup artist or a hairstylist...

Maggie said...

I would rather do without toothpaste, since I'm assuming that I could still brush my teeth. But if I couldn't brush my teeth sans toothpaste/mouthwash, then the shampoo would have to go.

I would also like a maid. Preferably one who is as anal retentive as I am...if such a person does, in fact, exist.

It's a tough call between make up artist and hair stylist, but probably the make up. My hair is wild and curly, and since I don't think I would like sitting for an hour or two to have it done, the make up would be better (and faster).

Kudos to the through-the-night-sleeper - I hope that he issues a repeat performance tonight!

A Margarita said...

I could never do without toothpaste. Eww, the thought of not brushing my teeth grosses me out. Can you always perfume your hair.

I would ADORE a cook. That's not even a question. I'm pretty neat; a maid would be superfluous.

The third one is actually the hardest. I would have to go with hairstylist because I'm pretty good with my makeup, but I feel I'm in a rut when it comes to my hair. Good makeup is easier to fake than good hair.

Misty said...

- would rather go without shampoo. easily...

- I would rather have a maid. love to cook, hate to clean...

- i would rather have a hair stylist. I am not a big make up fan but my naturally curly hair leaves me confused quite often...

Swistle said...

Well, wait. Do you mean "without toothpaste/shampoo" or do you mean "without brushing teeth / washing hair"? Because if it's the former, I'd do without toothpaste, brushing my teeth with plain water or with baking soda if that's not cheating. If it's the latter, I guess I'd stop washing my hair, since that's just gross, not dangerous to the future state of affairs (don't want to lose my teeth).

I go back and forth on the maid/cook thing. I guess I'd rather have a maid. But when I'm pregnant, I'd rather have a cook.

I'd rather have a hairstylist than a make-up artist, because I'm happy with my make-up but not with my hair.

Mairzy said...

Shampoo, because I don't even sleep well when my hair needs to be washed.

Maid. I don't need my kids taken off my hands for very long at a time, and I like cooking. But to have the house clean without any effort... heaven!

Hairstylist. I don't care that much about makeup, but it would be nice to have killer hair. Except I don't like to spend much time on it. Maybe a wig-maker?

Glad Eli slept through the night! Dilly does that. Occasionally.

Mommy Daisy said...

Yeah for Eli sleeping all night! Huge!

I love these questions. I'm with Swistle on the teeth/hair thing. Assuming I had some baking soda and water, I'd give up the toothpaste.

I would take a maid anytime. She must be full time and clean just as I want, though. (I'm a bit picky. And I want someone to follow me around and pick up my messes, like dishes I dirty while cooking. HA.) I do like to cook though. And I don't like to be without my son for long, so a nanny just wouldn't cut it.

I need a hair stylist. I'd love to have something cool done to my hair every day.

Anonymous said...

I would go with out shampoo for sure!! You can always use bodywash instead...but I just don't think my mouth would feel very clean from usung baking soda and water...yuck!

I would definelty choose the maid..I hate to clean.

And definetly the hair stylist..I have naturaully culry hair and hate it...I would love for someone to show me what to do with it.

Banana said...

I would rather go without shampoo - my hair is pretty dry, and they say that you don't really need shampoo anyhow (apparently we are stripping our hair of natural oils and then putting back fake ones with conditioner. But is smells so good).

I would rather have a nanny (when I have a kid). Nanny's help with kid, cleaning and cooking! Plus I'm one of those weirdo neurotics who cleans to relax.

I would rather have a hair stylist I think? I have no time for more make-up in my life.

Paula said...

I would rather DIE than go without toothpaste.

I would like a maid. (My husband is a chef. And my kids are too old to be nannied.)

I would like a hairstylist. NOW, actually.

Shannon said...

Elise is almost 10 months and has never once slept through the night. 6 hours is the longest she has ever gone.

I would rather go without shampoo. But I only want Tom's of Maine Wintermint toothpaste.

I would rather have a maid. I love to cook, tv can watch the children if necessary, but cleaning BLOWS.

I would rather.....have a hair stylist. I don't wear much makeup.

JMC said...

Shampoo - because what everyone else who said shampoo said.

Maid - Because cooking and hanging with the kids are fun when I don't have all the cleaning hanging over my head.

Hair stylist - I'm not a big make-up wearer, usually just a little blush and mascara when I wear it, which is rarely. But I have thin fine hair, which could really use some help.

My last kid took FOR-FREAKING-EVER to sleep through the night. I thought I would go completely insane before she finally did. So yay for you!

Duck Hunter said...

What's shampoo?

SLynnRo said...

I guess I'd rather not have shampoo, though, honestly, this is tough for me. I have VERY OILY hair. I could eat a lot of breath mints or something.

I rather have a cook.

And a makeup artist, as I have not once ever like anything a hairstylist has ever done to my hair.

cady said...

i would rather go without shampoo because you can use body wash, a maid because i hate cleaning, and a makeup artist because i suck at makeup :)

M said...

I'd do without shampoo.

I think I'd take the cook. I have privacy issues, so I don't think the maid or nanny would work out. Can you imagine strolling into your kitchen and requesting a meal! Yum.

I'd take the hairdresser. Every time I've had an "artist" do my makeup, I feel like I look like a drag queen ... which is fine for drag queens, but not for me.

Delia S. said...

Congrats on Eli sleeping through the night! I hope it continues for you :-)

I'd rather go with out shampoo - I don't like it if I can't brush my teeth properly; I just don't feel "human". You can always make alternative arrangements for shampoo.

Much rather have a maid. I can cook & I do enjoy it, but I desperately need someone to help me keep on top of the housework.

Hmm, tough choice.... but I think I'd have to go with hairstylist. I am useless with my my hair - I can't even blowdry it straight properly. I don't wear make-up that often, but when I do, I can manage to pull off a decent look. Could do with some improvement, but yeah, seriously lacking in the whole hair-styling department!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Is using hair powder cheating?? I'd totally go without shampoo rather than toothpaste. The oils are good for my hair. The tartar is BAD for my teeth.

Do I have to pick between a maid and a cook? And if I do, will you send one over right NOW?? I guess I'd have to say maid. My dog furballs agree.

Hair stylist, without a doubt. My hair is ALWAYS in a ponytail. I know my hair stylist is SO bored when she sees me coming. I always say the same thing: Do whatever you want, but make sure I can put it up.

Unless of course, I'm breaking out, then send over the makeup artist!

samantha Jo Campen said...

I'd rather go without toothpaste, because a wet brush could do in a pinch.

I'd rather have a maid because I can't function with a messy house and that takes a lof of time and energy to maintain. Take-out doesn't bother me and we don't have a baby yet. Maybe once he's born I'll change my mind about the nanny, but I doubt it.

Hairstylist! All the way! I'm fine with my make-up, but am so freakin' lazy with my hair. And if he/she could follow me around all day to keep it looking perfect that would be great too.

Karly said...

I'd totally go without toothpaste. My hair gets so greasy and sticks to my head and I CAN'T STAND IT. I don't like icky teeth either, but I could always chew gum or use water and a toothbrush.

I'd also rather have a maid and a hairstylist. For sure.

Beenami said...

I'd rather do without toothpaste because it's not necessary for dental health - a toothBRUSH is. And you breath doesn't get all that bad as long as you brush and rinse well.

I'd rather have a maid because I actually enjoy doing the other two things, but I hate to clean.

And I'd rather have a makeup artist because even though I can't do MUCH with my hair, I can do SOMEthing - but I can't do ANYthing with makeup and I'd like to know how to do it right.

the new girl said...

I would do without shampoo as my hair is as DRY AS A DESERT and you'd never even NOTICE if I went oh, THREE DAYS WITHOUT WASHING IT because, um, NO ONE HAS SO FAR. lol.

I'd want a NANNY because then I wouldn't need a maid or a cook.

And a HAIRSTYLIST because, well, I don't have my own shampoo anymore.

Niki said...

I NEED toothpaste. (I have never had a cavity!!)

Gawd send a maid please! I love to cook but my question is- will the maid do my dishes too??

I can do my own hair and besides- it will be up all the time because I don't have any shampoo! Send the makeup artist please! 35= pimples AND wrinkles. Oh the fun I am having!

squandra said...

I'd rather go without shampoo. I do, when camping, and a lake and a day of sun do just fine. But I have been known to brush my teeth PRIOR to meals.

I think I'd rather have a chef. Our house is small and, though I don't enjoy it, I'm better at cleaning. I can cook, pretty well actually, and I do enjoy it, but I always seem to choose whatever is the least amount of work. I could be lazy AND eat well if I had a chef.

I'd rather have a hairstylist, any day! I don't wear make-up but my hair is a wreck.

Finding My New Normal said...

I would rather go without shampoo because I could always just use hand soap if I really needed a good cleaning. There isn't much you can substitute for toothpaste...other than baking soda.

I would rather have a maid because I don't have kids, I like to cook, I hate to clean.

I would rather have a hair stylist because I am good at applying my own makeup but I suck donkey balls at doing anything attractive and stylish with my hair.

laughing mommy said...

I'd rather go without toothpaste because I can get my teeth feeling pretty clean with just water and a cloth if I have to (hello camping!). But my hair... greasy 24 hours after last shower. Need shampoo.

Maid. Cooking good, kids good. Cleaning bad.

Hairstylist. I like my makeup, but oh to have someone do my hair for me!

CAQuincy said...

Um...catching up on reading blogs after my trip....

I'd rather do without toothpaste. Because of the baking-soda "cheat" factor marie green mentioned. And I can't stand my hair to not be clean.

Right now I'd rather have a maid. I hate to clean.

I'd rather have a hair stylist. I just don't like to wear make-up, but I'd LOVE to have fabulous hair all the time!