Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yes, yes, two in one day. Settle down now. Here is some complete and total randomness, none of which provides enough content for a single post, but all of which seemed interesting enough to be floating around in my brain saying, "Write about me!"

1. While the Samoa version was weak and disappointing, Edy's Limited Edition Thin Mint Ice Cream is possibly even better than the cookies alone. What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? I can eat a whole box of those Samoas. Alas, I find the Tagalongs highly overrated, though they seemed to be most people's fave.

2. Today I gave Addy a bath and was jealous of how small she is in relation to the towels. One of the many perks of being a kid- the towels seem giant and thick and actually wrap around your whole body like a blanket. I remember that feeling, and miss it. Possibly I will sew a whole bunch of towels together and make myself a Big Ass Towel. Sarah's Big Ass Towel, I will call it.

3. Eli's diarhhea is finally gone. I wasn't sure if I had mentioned that, and am even less sure that any of you CARE (from bloggersphere: resounding NO!) but on the other hand I had left the whole subject kind of without a wrap-up, and didn't want you to think that he was STILL pooping ten times a day and that I was just ignoring it. He has not thrown up any more, either. There you go. Both ends reported for.

4. Jim played that freaking "Brothers Forever" song from American Idol about a gazillion times this morning on YouTube, and it has been resonating in my head ever since. Kind of like my head is inside of a gong that is being struck repeatedly.

5. When does a child need to have their teeth brushed regularly? Because it seems like, a, Addy still doesn't have a clue how to do it herself, and just gnaws on the bristles while sucking the toothpaste off (but no more than a pea sized blob, be assured!) and b, she'll only let me do it properly about once every three days, on average. Should I start pushing this whole issue more?

6. I have found lately that my standards for Retail Therapy are getting embarassingly low. Example: It makes me excited to buy a fresh tube of toothpaste, new bodywash, or even to use a new kind of cleaning product (Clorox ReadyMop: Now with a new Zesty Orange fragrance!) I mean, not PEEING MY PANTS excited or anything, but I get that little thrill of pleasure that used to be reserved for at least a new pair of PANTS or something. Before long I'm going to be looking forward to gassing up the car. Look at that, it's on F again! What a high!


Jess said...

You should get a bath sheet. They are truly enormous towels and they can make anyone feel tiny and snuggly. I love them.

I like the allegedly overrated Tagalongs best, because I love anything with peanut butter. Mmm.

Tessie said...

Dude. I love this post. Post-a-licious is right.

I like Samoas the best. All the other flavors can be found in some other permutation in the cookie aisle. But not Samoas. Accept no substitute.

That Brother Forever song. Who would do that? You'll never escape its clutches.

Flibberty said...

I am so there with you on the low standards for retail therapy. I ran out of face wash yesterday and got to buy some new stuff and to make it even more delicious the St. Ives shit I like was on clearance at Target. That stupid orange clearance sticker at Target makes me way too happy.

A Margarita said...

Hehe, the new Tide Expressions? Makes me squeeeee!

Paula said...

The Thin Mint. Followed by the Trefoil.

JMC said...

Samoas and Thin Mints tie for me. For some reason the Samoas are called Caramel Delights here. I don't know why, and I will ALWAYS and forever call them Samoas, and have you seen Gary Gulman do his cookie bit with the Samoas? Funny!

My husband likes the Tagalongs best, but I'm with you on the overrated part. They're good, but not THAT good.

jim said...

2. You should call it SHAG: Sarah's Huge Arid Garment, or SEAT: Sarah's Enormous Ass Towel... although the words "Sarah" "Enormous" and "Ass" don't belong in the same sentence.

4. In my defense, you were as excited as I was to hear that song again. Unfortunately, it took a few tries to find the unedited version. The straw that broke the camels back was when I continued with my own rendition of it.


Chelle said...

Thin Mints, all the way. Particularly frozen and crumbled over vanilla ice cream.

Great, now I'm hungry.

Mimi said...

I could eat a whole box of Samoas too, although that Thin Mint ice cream sounds awesome.
I'm laughing at your husband's comment (SEAT... Ha!).

Maggie said...

I'm a total joiner, and I love Tagalongs. Peanut butter and chocolate are my personal heaven.

I agree, you should get a bath sheet - they are fantastic.

My standards for retail therapy are lower than low. I always get excited to go to CVS. But hey, I'm all for cheap thrills.

jen said...

Yeah, you should get a bath sheet. But I am sad remembering the days I could actually wrap a regular bath towel around myself.

CAQuincy said...

I can eat without stopping to breathe: Thin Mints, Samoas, and the Trefoils. I can't even say I like one better than the other--I have to have them ALL.

Know what's sad? I love buying cosmetics for really, really cheap prices. AND I DON'T WEAR MAKE-UP. I just love all the pretty colors in their perfectly compacted forms--um, for a good price, that is. I do restrain myself as best as I can though, since I HATE WEARING MAKE-UP.

Happy V-Day!

d e v a n said...

bath sheets rock.
I LOVE LOVE me some Samoas. Yummy.
Retail therapy doesn't exist when you're broke, which sucks. Glad the kids are feeling better.

CAQuincy said...

OH yeah--I've given up on the "proper" teeth-brushing of my three-year old, too. I do brush her teeth myself first, and then give her a turn. And we're still using non-floride toothpaste since she swallows it all. I'm lucky to get a good brushing in two times a week. She just went to the dentist last month for the first time, and her teeth were fine (so far). I must not be screwing up toooo badly..... Or we're just plain lucky. (My 8-year old just got her first cavity.)

Swistle said...

This is ALL so funny.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

1. THIN MINTS. Oh, and also those lemony things that I bought last year for the first time. Samoas and Tagalongs are way overrated, IMO.

5. Dude, when you get the answer to this one, let me know. Zoe is 21 months and the tooth brushing is often a battle that results in some swatting of a toothbrush in the vicinity of her teeth. Really, when must it be true brushing? Also: HOW?

Fine For Now said...

We got a whole box (like 24 boxes?) of thin mints. And we have to put them in the freezer before we eat them. Yum. I am allowing myself 2 a day, because holy crap there is a lot of fat in those suckers.

LoriD said...

I'm late to the party, but I wanted to comment on the toothbrushing. My dentist maintains that kids do not have the dexterity to brush their own teeth until they are 9 years old! I let my 7-year-old brush her own in the morning, but I do the night brush and floss.

It's easier to brush and floss if you stand behind them and kind of put them in a headlock. They all protest, but even my 2-year-old will let me brush and floss her teeth most of the time.

Mommy Daisy said...

Hey you changed your webpage. Nice.

1. Samoas are my favorite. But how sad is this, I can't remember the last time I had a Girl Scout cookie. A long time.
2. Me too. When you invent one, I'll take two please. :D I like Jim's comment about this. Funny and sweet he is!
3. YEAH! Thank goodness.
5. We've brushed Zachariah's teeth since he had them. By the time he was one we started brushing them regularly each night. When he started taking an interest in doing it himself (18 months maybe) we let him, but we have to "finish" when he's done. We only use the infant toothpaste for now. Sometimes he cooperates and will open his mouth for us. And other times it takes one of us to hold him and the other to brush. My cousin's 3 year old had to get a cap because of a cavity, so we're glad we're taking good care of our son's teeth now.
6. Me too. Out of shower gel? Yes, shopping trip!

cady said...

my absolute favorite are the thin mints. the samoas are good too. basically, i like them all. i don't discriminate.

kristi said...

Hubs is a Samoa guy and I love the chocolate ones with Peanut butter. YUM.