Saturday, February 16, 2008

Behold The Cute! Behold It, I Say!

That's right, suckahs! I lure you here with wedding talk, and then BAM! You're hit with excessive kid pictures right between the eyes.

Now here we have Jim with his Mini Me. This picture, while I love it, does not do justice to the FREAKISH similarity in profile that these two share. They also both have the exact same browline, and pull their eyebrows together into the exact same Lofty Gaze of Disdain. It is frightening.

I got two of these towels (the other being a yellow duck) for the kids for Christmas, and this was the first occasion which Adelay actually allowed me to pull the animal hood over her head without a colossal freak out. Apparently animal hoodies are right up there with clowns in the list of Things We Want Kids To Like That Are Actually Terrifying.

Eli sporting same towel, with only slightly less enthusiasm. (On different days, though, I swear. We didn't wrap him in her wet, discarded towel.)

This is my first documented evidence of the kids playing together. I plan to trot this thing out for proper guilt trips as soon as it is useful. "See!? See how you used to play nicely together? See you how you used to LOVE each other?"

Now you might at first glance believe this picture to be a showcase of the adorable pigtail braids. It was actually taken to forever immortalize Adelay's odd choice of movies: She does of course dearly love all the Barbie films (who doesn't, really?) but her first love is "Robin Hood: Men in Tights." For real. Followed closely by "The Goonies." My kid is cooler than your kid! Or maybe just... Weirder.

And lastly, in case you were thinking, "These are nice, but they're really lacking that serene yet slightly inebriated Madonna-and-Child tone," I present this heavenly pose for your viewing enjoyment.


Jess said...

These photos are all adorable, but that last one is just killer. The cuteness!

Sara said...
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Saly said...

Used the wrong account---

Adorable photos!!

Anonymous said...

When did Eli get so darn big? & that last picture is so freaking adorable!!

LoriD said...

I love it when kids branch out from the regular kid movies. My 4-year-old loves movies (not cartoons). His favourites are Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (as well as the old Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory), Night at the Museum and The Shaggy Dog.

Your family is gorgeous! Love the pictures.

d e v a n said...

Aw! Love the pics. That last one is toooo sweet.

Swistle said...

Okay, you are ALL adorable. I love the little braids! I love the frog towel!

Good thinking about later material. Look how you used to lovvvvvvvvve each other! Why can't you get along NOW?

Love the description of the last photo.

Maggie said...

They are all so cute - I can't even pick a favorite!

K in the Mirror said...

Okay, I love that she loves Men in Tights. At her age mine had an obsession with Gene Kelly and/or Judy Garland in any dancing or singing movie. :)

SO CUTE, the pictures.

And oh, I got handed down a snowsuit type thing that totally will not work for Texas- does Eli need or want one in 6/9 months? Or is he past that already?

Banana said...

Men in Tights? One of the all time best movies. Good taste Adelay!

Omaha Mama said...

That last one is perhaps my favorite. You both look serene, so happy. (Sleeping babies rock)

Goonies? Seriously? I think Sloth would terrify my B. And the pirate bones? Forget about it! Your kid is cooler than my kid.

desperate housewife said...

O.M.- Re: Sloth is terrifying. I KNOW! The first time we had this movie on (WHY we were watching it I can't recall) I was all, "Let's cover her eyes- this part is scary!" And she was just rapt and attentive, and cracking up at all the appropriate parts. Nothing seems to scare her. I know kids who are sensitive to CARTOONS being scary, but she seems oblivious to any dangerous/scary scenes in kid movies, or even the adult movies she's seen (well, not ADULT movies.) To enjoy them, even.
She does at least get worried when people on TV seem sad or cry, so I guess she's not completely coldhearted already.
And yes, in case it was not yet clear, we do let her watch TV. We are a movie-lovin' people round here, kids and adults alike.

Mommy Daisy said...

Awesome photos. Such an adorable family. And here I thought Eli was resembling you. Then you post that mini-me photo with him and Jim side-by-side. I kept looking back and forth. Then both kids in towels pictures did it. Addy and Eli look a lot alike, so I guess they both favor Jim a bit more. Oh well. Still beautiful kids.

Duck Hunter said...

great photos. Wonderful family.