Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good/Bad, Part Deux

What is lovely: The snow outside, sparkling in the bright, bright winter sun.
What is not: The bitter, biting cold, which feels like a betrayal every time you step out the door. It looks so PRETTY though! you want to say. Why are the hairs in my nostrils freezing?

What is lovely: Having family pictures taken for the first time since the newest addition was born.
What is not: Having to wait a half hour because there is only one person working at the portrait studio. There was only one other customer, and she was wrapping things up, so this shouldn't have been a problem. Except that she happened to be the Most Infuriating Fellow Customer Ever, and was standing at the monitor examining twenty-four gajillion different poses of her "little guy" in seventy-bajillion different outfits and backgrounds and was literally losing her MIND trying to decide what she wanted to purchase. "I just don't know," she mused about thirty nine times, shifting her son back and forth from hip to hip. "I love the naked one on the blanket, but the naked one in the bathtub is great too..." I was THIS close to screaming, "It's all the same face! It's just that ONE kid in all of those pictures. How different can they really be? For the love of ALL THAT IS GOOD just pick one!"

What is lovely: Having had a good- or at least not BAD- showing.
What is not: Having an open house scheduled for this weekend, meaning not only did I have to clean the entire house Tuesday, but I have to KEEP it clean until Sunday afternoon.

What is lovely: Having food to eat, not worrying about starving, etc. (I was kind of reaching on this one.)
What is not: Quaker's Weight Control oatmeal. It tastes like rubber cement.

Thus ends yet another thrilling installation in my current series of Boring Topic-less Posts!


Anonymous said...

Ugh on the open house. Man, those things are painful!!! You have my utmost sympathies, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

LoriD said...

Yeah, it's really cold here too. The kind of cold where they warn you to not keep small pets outside lest they freeze.

We haven't done a family portrait with our newest addition yet. She's 2.

Jess said...

Mmm. Rubber cement. Delicious. The way they control your weight is by making you never want to eat again. It's the zero-calorie diet.

Flibberty said...

That oatmeal is BAD. I've had it. Disgusting.

Crossing my fingers for another good open house!

Tessie said...

I've wondered about that Oatmeal. They sure pimp it hardcore on The Biggest Loser. Which, you know, is the compass for all of my food decisions. Heh.

Maggie said...

I love to look at snow, but I am totally over the cold weather. But the weather people are claiming that we are going to have warm weather this weekend. I will enjoy it for you, just in case you don't get any!

In addition to the taste, that weight control oatmeal stinks up the WHOLE house every time I make it. The smell sticks around for at least two about unappealing!

d e v a n said...

snow really is a bitch like that. It looks so beautiful and inviting and lulls you to come out and play and then - BAM!
GL on the open house.

bananafana said...

I hate the combination of snow and cleaning since it seems to make everything worse - you have my deepest sympathy. I seriously think I'm going to have to burn down my house if we ever decide to move. there is no way I'll be able to keep our house clean

Pickles & Dimes said...

Quaker Oats Weight Loss Oatmeal? But isn't the regular oatmeal only 160 calories???

And I hear you on the infuriating customer. Just make up your mind, people!

Astarte said...

Ohhh, I HATE those picture people!!! I was once in line behind a family who had five different outfit changes and poses. It took forever, and since all I needed done was one pose for one of my kids, I was furious. I think that's the rudest thing ever! I also get annoyed with the staff in those situations, because appointments are appointments, and they should at least try to keep to their schedule.

That oatmeal sounds horrendous. I always just plain quick-cook oats, and add my own cinnamon and just a touch of brown sugar. The kids love it, and it tastes a lot better (and is cheaper by far) than the package stuff.

Jana said...

Ugh on the oatmeal.....some brands are definitely better than others. And good luck with the open house. I hope you get an offer!

Don Mills Diva said...

I sooo would have been screaming at that woman - I get so impatient with things like that!

Laura said...

We utterly refused to have an open house when we listed ours. It is a lot of work to host your neighbors when they come over to see what you have that they don't. ;) Perhaps topping the oatmeal with something like...say....chocolate(!) would help. I hope it goes well for you.