Sunday, July 29, 2007

Three Short Posts In One!

My maternity pants, my FAVORITE maternity pants, are way too tight this morning. Some foolish helpful person clearly shrunk them in the dryer this week... Or it could be related to the scale's gloomy announcement at the doctor's this week- a whopping ten pounds higher than the week before. I felt so ashamed- no one has ever said a word to me about pregnancy weight gain until last Thursday. But they actually seemed more worried than judgemental, I guess because rapid weight gain is a sign of preclampsia, right? But no, my urine was fine, my blood pressure was fine. I wasn't dilated or effaced any further than last week. Nothing. So basically the diagnosis was either, I am retaining water at a crazy rate, or, just possibly, I need to stop eating so much freaking pie.

Our doula came over yesterday for her last prenatal visit before the actual birth. We went over some final details, and then, as she got up to leave, she reminded me, "Well, the next time I see you, your baby will be coming!" Holy crap, how has it snuck up on me like this? If I go into labor shortly after the bedrest is ended, like last time, that means I have about two weeks! I am freaking out a wee little bit here. So excited, but also getting freaked out. And also, I am determined to not cheat about the bedrest this week because my doula will be in California for the next ten days and well, I REFUSE to have the baby without her. I just do. I am so excited about having her there and feel so much more confident about trying to do it naturally again. (Maybe I am using her as a mental crutch a little bit. I mean, doula or no doula, it's still gonna hurt a whole freaking lot, right? Sigh.)

I am slowly getting a little more indifferent to the general messiness of the house. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise- I'll be less depressed about the chaos of the first few weeks postpartum if I'm already used to the way the house looks now. See how positive I'm being? See what a happy spin I can put on things? The coffee table so covered in crap that I can no longer see the actual table at all is a GOOD thing! The crumbs buried in between every sofa cushion due to my constant snacking are a GOOD thing! We are HAPPY about the clutter and the crumbs!


Swistle said...

I gained weight like that toward the end of my pregnancy with the twins: it would be 5 pounds or 10 pounds up at each visit. It was CRAZY. My OB kept checking everything and everything was okay, and so he'd say it was probably water retention, but how could it be THAT MUCH water? But it was, because it all vanished a week after the baby was born. I peed CONSTANTLY. Wait--this is getting into TMIville, isn't it?

It was the heat, I think: the twins were born in summer, but my first two babies had been born in winter.

That's the spirit: EMBRACE the clutter!

Jana said...

Oh, there is never ANY reason to stop eating pie. It's PIE. Yum. Like Swistle, I had water retention toward the end, too. When I gained 8 pounds in a week, I got the "raised eyebrows" look even after I showed the OB my newly swollen fingers and ankles! He still didn't believe me when I LOST two pounds by the next appointment. Men!

And the clutter used to bug me, too, but now it's a permanent fixture. I call it "child-led decorating."

Devan said...

lol @ child-led decorating!

Don't give up pie, just maybe whole pies. heehee.
Being on bedrest has got to help those pounds sneak on, and I'm sure a lot of it is water! Don't fret!! You're almost done. :) Soon you'll have a sweet, sweet baby in your arms.

Jess said...

Welcome to the dark side!! Befriend the clutter :)

Black Sheeped said...

Yes, the more clutter there is, the more fancy you'll feel when it finally gets cleaned up. :) It's a win-win situation!