Monday, July 09, 2007

The Weekend Update!

The heat! It's so hot!! Today I felt that Addy and I were literally hibernating- I put her down for a nap just a little after noon, and crawled into my own bed soon after. We both slept like the dead all through the hot, hot, ninety-five degree afternoon, only reemerging after three p.m. And I am now awake, but sweating my balls off, so to speak, in this hot, hot den. (This is my current excuse, btw, for not posting more often- the computer room is untouched by the air conditioner, and by the time I get a free moment to get online, it is sweltering and I am unwilling to enter it.)
We met with our doula on Sunday afternoon, which was both great and scary. She totally amazes me- she's flying to L.A. at the end of this month to try to get impregnated again with a second surrogate child for this couple in Australia for whom she gave birth last year. It will be her sixth birth, and she's all modest, shrugging, "Pregnancy and birth are easy for me, I actually like it!" when I tried to express my utter amazement and awe. I cannot fathom putting my body through this again EVER without the return at the end of a snuggly little baby who gets to be MINE. But I think it is incredible and commendable that she is willing to do this for another family. I myself just don't have it in me.
Anyways, we put the birth plan together, spending over an hour debating such things as evening primrose oil and perineal massage, internal fetal monitoring, circumcision, episiotomy, vacuum suction, stirrups, fundal massage, etc. (My feelings on these subjects, respectively, would be yes, yes, no, yes, no if avoidable, no if avoidable, no, and a BIG no. Just in case you were wondering.) It was good to get all these details on the table and go over them, but it was a little terrifying to start envisioning the actual birth, to see myself here, in the tub, or there, in the hospital, laboring and then, inevitably, pushing. Yikes! Yay, but also yikes. I really can't wait to see this little guy, though. And also, I kind of miss being able to see my bikini line.
Today was the babysitter's first day with us. She got here at nine, just as I was cleaning up breakfast, and went to the grocery with me. I had been putting off shopping for about two weeks other than little desperation trips, so we had a lot to get, and I was already feeling hot and tired just from the morning routine. It was really nice to have someone there to help carry Addy and push the cart, to shop while I made the inevitable mid-shopping bathroom run, and to help load and unload the car! She stayed and helped put things away (which was probably good, so she could see where all the kitchen stuff is for future reference) and also made lunch with me. She is an excellent grilled cheese maker. Plus Addy seems to really like her. I am a lucky girl.


jess said...

Woohoo for the babysitter. I can't wait to drop my kid off with yours and the two of us can go out for drinks at noon on a Tuesday. Oh wait, I was dreaming again. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm totally ignorant, here, since I had a planned c-section, but what's fundal massage?