Friday, July 13, 2007

Bad, Good, Bad, Good, Etc.

1. I had to go in this morning to get my second shot of steroids for the baby's lungs, which they told me would take fifteen minutes. They asked me how I was feeling as we walked back to the exam room, I mentioned that I had been crampy after the exam, and wound up getting another internal (still just one cm.) and getting hooked up to the contraction monitor for half an hour. Which showed a couple minor ones, so now I definitely have to take the Brethine instead of Vistaril. All in all, I was in there about an hour.
2. Thank goodness Beth (babysitter) was there to watch Addy. And is a patient soul. And was a very good, cautious driver all the way to and from the office, while I lay in my semi-reclined passenger seat.
3. That shot freaking hurt. Yesterday's burned, because the medicine just does, going in, but the nurse who gave it was pretty good. Today's nurse was EVIL, jabbing right in the least fleshy part of my hip, and I swear to God I couldn't put weight on that side of my body for like an hour. And then she kept asking me, "You okay? Did it hurt?" And I wanted to be like, "Um, no, the giant needle filled with stinging steroid injection stabbed into my hipbone did NOT hurt! It felt like kitten kisses!"
4. My mom brought me McDonalds for lunch, and it was very, very good. I love me some McDonald's french fries, I cannot tell a lie.
5. When we stopped by the pharmacy on the way back from the way too long doctor's visit, they told me they were OUT of Brethine, and it would be Monday before they got more. I could actually feel my blood pressure rising a little, and I asked, a little tersely, I'm afraid, "Can you CALL around TOWN and ask if someone ELSE has it maybe? Because I'm really supposed to be starting it NOW, not Monday." And so she did, and someone else did have some, but my poor Mom had to bring me lunch, feed Addy, and then go get the Brethine on HER lunch break.
6. Jess brought me a big bag full of baby clothes and magazines and a book and a bunch of chocolate, Good Chocolate, and made me feel loved and pitied. I am a baby sometimes and I really needed to feel that just for a while.
7. It is amazing how quickly things get kinda trashed without my bustling presence. The kitchen is clean, basically, people have been cleaning up after themselves. And the bathroom sink got wiped down after I requested it. But the living room, in which I spend most of my hours, is kind of crazy looking. There are used tissues and empty water glasses and half-filled bowls of Cheerios, a hundred pairs of shoes, random stuffed animals, mail, slippers, and DVD cases strewn all over. In truth, it probably looks like the living rooms of most people with toddlers in their homes, but I am kind of a neat freak, and usually the first thing I do after Addy goes to bed is do a sweep through the main areas of the house and clean up all the random crap. So I feel frankly bitchy to be nagging at people every second to pick stuff up.
8. On the other hand, it kind of makes me feel needed and useful and virtuous that I must usually be so on top of things, if it only takes a day without me to get like this. I must be pretty darn good at my job, after all.
9. I miss being on the computer during the day SO MUCH, but Jim takes the laptop to work and I am not allowed to sit upright to use the home monitor. So I have to wait till after Addy goes to bed to do anything. Also, laptops get really freaking hot when they actually have to sit on your LAP for an hour at a time.
10. I am kind of excited that I will finally get caught up on filing pictures and scrapbooking. I went through and chose all the photos I want printed tonight, and maybe over the weekend I can convince someone to go get the rest of the scrapbooking supplies I need. I haven't printed pictures in a YEAR, people. This job was WAY overdue.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry that you are confined to bedrest, but YAY for being able to have time for scrapbooking. I WISH I could find time for that in my life.

I'm praying that you are able to keep this little guy growing for as long as possible.

Swistle said...

"Kitten kisses"--ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I second the kitten kisses love. That was priceless!

Shannon said...

WOOHOO to the second steroid shot. Those things SUCK (not kitten kisses AT ALL!). When I got them with D, I wanted to turn around and jab the nurse right back but with E, they were painless (except for the searing of the med).

I love McDonald's fries, too. They always can make happy, as long as they are warm.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

If I lived closer, I'd let you use my laptop.

Hang in there. (I know, easy for me to say.)

Thinking about you!