Friday, July 20, 2007

Non-Stress Tests, Scrotum Sightings, Etc.

SORRY it's been so long and I left everyone hanging a bit- it's just been kind of hard to get a chance to get on the laptop, 'cause I have to have someone get it for me and set it up and that's assuming its true owner isn't using it to do actual work.
As noted, I am fine- the contractions had of course died down by the time I actually got to the doctor's office. I also had my regular weekly appointment on Thursday morning, and I am still just at one centimeter, although I am continuing to efface. (Don't you love getting the lowdown on the state of my girl parts?) They also did an ultrasound to measure the baby, which was very exciting since I haven't had one since twenty weeks. He looks great, weighs about four and a half pounds, and is still definitely a boy. (For some reason I continue to obsess that it will turn out to be a girl, so I can never get enough reassurance that there is indeed, um, equipment in sight.)
Not a whole lot else to update on- still on the couch, still bored, still peeing every half hour due to a rapidly descending baby head on my bladder. I got about a year's worth of pictures printed, sorted, and put in the album, though- triumph! And I have been eating so well, it's almost embarrassing. (By well I mean deliciously, not necessarily nutritiously. I'm afraid my vegetable intake has dropped and my homemade pie intake has risen sharply- today's count: three pieces.) I've really felt overwhelmed by how much people have pitched in and helped with food and stuff, and also just come by to visit and make sure I don't feel like I've fallen off the face of the earth. It's hard to feel sorry for yourself when people are killing you with kindness. I am very grateful, most of all for how well Adelay is being cared for.
Really the only complaints per se are the discomfort from being on my back or shoulders constantly, and also the slight sadness I feel about not getting to be physically involved in putting the baby's room together. I almost asked Jim to bring me a basket of already sorted baby clothes tonight, just so I could look at them and refold them and feel like I was doing something. And of course, there is also the weirdness of not being the one to pick Addy up when she wants held or take her to the park or put her to bed. She comes and cuddles with me a lot on the couch, which is comforting, but it also reminds me how much I just want to pick her up like normal. I miss it A LOT. I'd even enjoy changing a diaper, I think.
So! (Brushing hands briskly.) That's me so far. And now what I need from you: recommendations of good movies I can send people to rent for me. And also good books I could have reserved for me at the library, provided they are in no way SAD books, because I just can't handle that in my delicate (read: psychotically hormonal) condition.


Swistle said...

I'm glad you're doing okay! I'm keeping an eye on your baby ticker, willing it to move to 34 weeks (an OB told me that was the "magic week" for babies).

I recommend TV series if they're rentable. I just finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is a lot funnier and smarter than I'd expected (though Buffy is VERY WHINY AND SELF-ABSORBED), and now I'm watching the spin-off series Angel, which has the advantage of Less Whiny Buffy, More David Boreanaz In A Long Coat. Sports Night is another good series, although it took me a few episodes to think it was any good at all (after that, I was in love--IN! LOVE!).

I also recommend getting NETFLIX, which would let you choose movies from the computer, and the movies arrive in the mail. They almost always have a short free trial available. This promotional segment brought to you by...Swistle!

Jana said...

Even though I just "met" you, I've been worried about you...glad to hear all is well.

Books I'd suggest are: the Bridget Jones series (Diary and Edge of Reason) since they are better than the movies even though the movies were great, too; anything by David Sedaris, although the constant laughter may make you need to pee more often and I don't know if you really want that to happen; and Paul Reiser's Couplehood and Babyhood. All of these books have been out awhile so you may have already read them, but they cracked me up.

Movies: When I was on bedrest, I really enjoyed all of the British romantic comedies like Love Actually, About a Boy, Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral and of course, Bridget Jones. I also went back to brat pack movies like Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo's Fire, Weird Science, etc.

And I'm totally with Swistle on Netflix...we love Netflix.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

About a Boy is a good book. I haven't seen the movie. I would also recommend the Time Traveler's Wife, although parts of it are sad, it's really interesting and original. Besides, when I was pregnant I cried when the lady on the Price is Right won a refrigerator, because it was just so wonderful and think! how it would make her life better. So I'm of the thought that it's impossible to predict what might make you cry.

Movies... some of my all-time favories are While You Were Sleeping, Sweet Home Alabama, and Shag even though it's ridiculous. And I agree with Swistle on the TV series thing-that'll take you far. The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, and NCIS are my picks.

desperate housewife said...

Swistle: I've heard that about thirty four weeks, too! That's exactly what I keep thinking- must keep that bun in the oven at least until Saturday!
Jana: I have already read both the Bridget Jones books, but maybe I'll dig 'em out again- they are good for light distraction and they definitely won't make me cry! Also, I just finished watching Four Weddings- twice! And I do love Notting Hill...
Kelli: Yes! While You Were Sleeping... I even HAVE that one. I'll definitely have to watch that.

Shannon said...

34 weeks = dream week. Never made it there myself, one day shy actually. Glad you are doing ok and hopefully the boredom doesn't become too much. Fingers crossed!

Sue said...

Last summer when I was just feeding my twins all the time I read On Beauty by Zadie Smith, and it was a nice, fat, satisfying read. I think she was nominated for (or won) the Booker prize for this.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Yeah! He's still brewing in your belly!!!

I second (or third) the netflix idea.

jen said...

sorry I've been MIA... and I feel so bad for you to hear that you're sidelined again! I'm glad you have tons of help though. I recommend Netflix too and assuming you don't have a mac you can just watch unlimited movie after movie right on your laptop! :) I have no recommendations but if it were me I'd be catching up on all those stupid-funny type teenage guy movies.