Monday, July 16, 2007


1. Okay, today was better. If nothing else, I haven't been looking at the clock every five minutes thinking, "It's ONLY seven o' clock??" Also, Jim's coworker Lisa sent us this amazing beef and noodles for dinner, and it was literally so good that I just may have mentioned (with my mouth still full) that it was worth having to lay down all day long just to get such a yummy dinner.
2. Also, I got some scrapbooking down, though not as much as expected. It's harder than I thought it would be to crop pictures and arrange stickers and stuff while propped on one elbow! But I'm making progress. And I at least finally got a year's worth of pictures printed and sorted, so now I just have to put them in the albums. That will be a really good feeling. Until I forget to print pictures and have another year's worth to sort and print and file NEXT summer. Ah, well.
3. Jim and I actually went to bed at the same time last night and cuddled and stuff. There's no, er, extracurricular activities permitted, of course, but it was really nice to be all touchy-feely. It's sad how you can just kind of forget to do that stuff.
4. My mom got started prepping the nursery to be painted tomorrow! Can I tell you how excited I am? No, I cannot. I started daydreaming about the actual, real-live baby that's going to live in there and got goosebumps.
5. Contractions still coming pretty hard, though infrequent now. It's a little worrisome. Every time I stand up I feel the pressure of that head moving lower and lower. Please stay in there for a few more weeks, kid!
6. What does everyone think of the name Greydon (or Grayden or Graden) instead of Grady, but still call him Grady for short? Does this sound a little less babyish, and if so, is that good or bad?


jess said...

I like Grady best.

Woohoo for the nursery. That's really nice of your mom.

Let me know what you want to eat or if you would rather have a suprise.

Black Sheeped said...

What color are you painting? Or have you already announced that, and I missed it?

I like the name idea a lot, and Graden makes the most sense to me. I imagine it would be nice to have a more grown-up option--sometimes I wish I had one. Plus, it's fun to say. Graden. Graden.


Anonymous said...

Love the name! I wanted Grayson, but the hubby vetoed it. Of course, we ended up having a girl so it didn't matter, but I'm still a bit bitter.

Tessie said...

I LOVE Greydon, but also Grady. The only downside I can see to Greydon is the fact that a lot of "-don" names are popular right now (Braydon, Aidan, etc.). I actually don't think Grady is babyish. I think it's a distinguished adult name as well.

What does this comment even MEAN? WHAT IS IT'S PURPOSE? I like them both, I guess. Helpful.

Mommy Daisy said...

Good food = good mood. :)

Oh, I bet you'll be thrilled when the nursery is finished. Just keep that baby baking a little longer.

Oh, I'm with Shelly here. I always liked Grayson. So Grayden sounds nice. I think I like it better with the "ay". But however you spell it, I like the sound of it. Goes nice with Adelay and your last name too. (So, I'm guessing you haven't settled on a name yet. I was going to ask you that.)

Swistle said...

Grayden/Greydon/Graden is a good name, and it fits in with all the Aidens, Braydens, Cadens, Haydens, and Jadens so it doesn't seem unfamiliar even though I've never heard the name before. I think Grady sounds like a grown-up name, too, and you could go straight to that if you prefer it.

I want to know the nursery color, too!

I'm worried about your contractions.

Devan said...

Sorry, I'm not a fan of the name. I really love Grayson though.
YAY for getting some yummy dinner and someone to help finish the nursery!
I hope those contractions back off!