Friday, September 18, 2009

A Dozen Pictures. No, Really- A Dozen

Eli's birthday cake, Cars themed, decorated as usual by my mom. I always defer to the master.

Eli very seriously- almost threateningly- enjoying said cake.

But still not as much as he enjoyed one of his umpteenth tiny cars.

Outside at my parents' house, preparing to attempt a family photo while my older sister was home. Enjoy the random hand visible on the left slice of the picture.

This was as good as it got. And it took fifteen minutes.

Addy posing inside one of the storage ottomans later that day. About ten seconds after this photo she had dissolved into tears, convinced she was stuck inside the tiny box forever.

Blowing out my candles at my surprise party on Wednesday. It was really a lovely night, even though I was still kind of (really) sick from the Cytotec. And everything looked really festive. Bonus: the kids have been entertained by those balloons for the last two days straight.

The remains of the cake by the next day. And, uh, some of the guests didn't even have any cake.

This has nothing to do with anything, but LOOK at the adorable ensemble my Mom got Adelay to wear for her upcoming birthday!

I mean, the purse is a CAKE, people! A CAKE!

And here are some shots of the living room's new coat of paint. I have chosen to highlight the corners, as the walls used to be two different colors: kind of a pinky-brown on the longer walls and cream on the shorter walls. I liked the idea, I really did, but I think in the end I like the one color all the way around better. The room feels a little more open.

(And Rachel, I know you're going to think it's horribly boring. Basically the color of oatmeal with maybe a teaspoon of honey stirred in. But what can I say- oatmeal is comforting.)


d e v a n said...

Very nice! I like the paint. The outfit is adorable! Love the bday pictures too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the paint looks pretty. But not as pretty as the cake purse. I wonder if I am too old to carry one myself.

Shelly said...

I really like the color. Very warm and welcoming. And your birthday looks very festive and sweet.

Anonymous said...

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