Monday, November 26, 2007

Really? A Post Having Nothing To Do With Real Estate Issues?

*Sidenote: As I sit here writing this, leaning forward to reach my computer on the coffee table, Adelay has taken hold of the lovehandle chunk of my midsection lopping out the back of my jeans and is squeezing and pinching it. She has been at it for about five minutes, totally enthralled. It's like kneading pasty, stretch-marked dough! she is thinking gleefully.

So my hair is really driving me nuts. It grows really fast, and since being trimmed and highlighted about two weeks before Eli was born, it has grown at least an inch and a half. Which means my highlights are hitting me at about ear level, and my thick, thick layers are bushing out around my shoulders. It is seriously SO. THICK. You don't even know.
Does anyone know of any good websites with actual pictures of short hairstyles to choose from? I looked today for about an hour and couldn't find anything actually helpful. It's all, "How to achieve Posh's sleek new short 'do in sixteen simple steps!" One of which being "Lose Twenty Pounds So Your Cheekbones Are Actually Noticeable."


Jess said...

Have you checked out Whoorl's Gallery? It has lots of neat shots of real people with all different hairstyles, which can be especially helpful since it's easier to see what hair will look like on yourself when you aren't looking at it on some 90-pound model. At least that's what I always find.

Mommy Daisy said...

Ha ha, Zac did that to my belly for a while. I have a lot more to poke. Luckily he didn't keep doing it.

Also, you just inspired me to do something about this head of overgrown hair. I like the photos that Jess pointed out in the comment above. I see a really cute one I like there. Now I'm considering cutting off A LOT of hair while Matt's away this week. ;)

jess said...

You should talk with my sister - she's cutting hair now. She has a lot of experience with thick bush-hair (look at my family)!!

Tessie said...

I usually stoop to buying one of those HAIR MAGAZINES before a big haircut. The shame! But, there it is.