Thursday, November 08, 2007

The One Where I Talk About Food

1. Bowls are for losers. I prefer to eat my Breyers Oreo ice cream straight from the pint.
2. Swistle asked today about eating cookies for breakfast. The unanimous response seemed to be that cookies are a perfectly acceptable breakfast option. I so heartily agree that I wanted to do it here, on my own little platform: COOKIES- NOT JUST FOR SNACKTIME! (Ditto pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting.)
3. Drinking a half a pot of decaf coffee every day seems to be helping me function better. Is this all mental, or are there trace amounts of caffeine which are finding their sweet, sweet way to my sluggish brain?
4. Am I dork for loving my slow cooker SO MUCH?
5. Forget baby weight- what I am carrying is toddler weight. Or maybe guilt weight. It's the ring of fat that has formed not solely due to pregnancy but also perhaps to my constant cleaning up after Addy's meals. I cannot stand to cut up a banana, heat up pasta, slice cheese, or spread PB and J and then throw it untouched into the trash after she declines yet again to eat. It's the whole "children are starving in Africa" mentality- I feel bad about throwing away food. So I eat it- a quarter of a sandwich here, half a banana here, a cheese stick there- but then forget I've eaten it and make myself a normal sized meal as well. This is becoming a terrible habit, and also a slightly gross one. I remember as a kid cringing at those moms who were always picking at their kids' leftovers, and look at me now. A human garbage disposal.
6. I have invented my own yummy little concoction based loosely around a Rachael Ray recipe (I know, I know- she's so perky and squeaky; it sets me on edge, too. But still. I like her show.) First you boil half a box of penne pasta. While it's going, you chop up either half an eggplant or half a zucchini, a green pepper, and some onion. Throw that in some olive oil to saute, along with some black olives and a can of stewed tomatoes. When the veggies have browned, add some chopped up smoked sausage, however much you like. Throw in about half a jar of marinara sauce, add the cooked pasta, give it all a stir, then cover and simmer for about ten minutes. And voila! It sounds like a lot of flavors, but they blend really well and its very filling, plus you get your veggies without having to gnaw on a carrot stick or anything nasty like that. You could probably use turkey sausages to make it even healthier.


Tessie said...

Oh fine, I like Rachael Ray's recipes too. I just disapprove of her PERSONALITY.

Mommy Daisy said...

1. Did you get the pints that were on sale at M**** (didn't know if you wanted me putting the store name here) this week? I did, but I haven't gotten into it honestly. ;) I will tonight, I promise.

3. I've heard that decaf still has some caffine in it.

4. No, me too. I have some awesome recipes. It saves my sanity.

6. Sounds awesome. I think I'll try that sometime.

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, I just looked up about the caffine. Here's what I found.
For 8-ounce beverages
Coffee, drip 115-175 milligrams of caffine
Coffee, brewed 80-135mg
Coffee, espresso (2 oz) 100mg
Coffee, instant 65-100mg
Coffee, Decaf, brewed 3-4m
Coffee, Decaf, instant 2-3mg

So, either way, it's a LOT less caffine, but there's still a bit in there.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I eat all of Carson's leftovers, too. I really need to stop. My muffin top is big enough.

Swistle said...

I KNOW! You guys were NO HELP AT ALL. Enablers.

There's a teense of caffeine, but barely any. I think the most heartening thing about decaf is the Warm Beverage and the Taste Memory. That is, if you've had caffeinated before, your brain notices the coffee taste and thinks caffeine is on the way and it is time to Get Perky!

Judy said...

I am with you on the human disposal rap. I've got it, too. I spent all that time preparing that little meal for my kids and someone's gonna eat it!