Saturday, November 17, 2007

Real Estate

Our house is being listed this week. There will be an open house next Sunday, while we are gone visiting relatives. I feel a little weird about this- strangers will be walking through our sweet little home, all ambivalent and objective, judging and critiquing. I want them to react emotionally, to say, "How cozy! What warm colors! Look at the pretty arched doorways!" Instead of what they will probably say: "One bathroom! No central air! Let's keep looking." I feel all protective and defensive of my little house- similar, I imagine, to what I would feel if strangers were to look my kids up and down and decide if they were good enough to adopt. I want to say, "True, we are leaving this house because we are in the process of outgrowing it, but it's not the house, it's us! The house is fine! It's great! Please love it and take good care of it!"

Also: It is driving me crazy that our offer was accepted, but I cannot start changing anything in the new house until we sell ours and actually buy it. The new house must sit empty, just CRYING OUT to have its walls stripped of the violent floral and goose patterned paper and painted gorgeous shades like "Mocha" and "Camel Hair Coat." It is WEEPING for its turquoise carpet to be replaced with a color less assaulting to the eyes. But its cries must fall on deaf ears until an undetermined point in the probably not too near future.
I hear you, my new house! I will rescue you from the late eighties as soon as I can!


d e v a n said...

Good Luck with your open house! I hope someone falls in love right away!
I can only imagine the angst over the other house. Especially the wallpaper!

Mommy Daisy said...

Here's hoping your house sells quickly. :D

K in the Mirror said...

I am still trying to imagine a world in which goose wallpaper and turquoise carpet seem like a good idea.

Lisa said...

Good luck!
You must be on Cloud9 about your offer being accepted:)

Marie Green said...

UGGG I so remember the New House Want- our new house was empty when we bought it too- and probably (surely!) had ever MORE floral/ugly wall paper begging to be taken down. We couldn't get in and do any work until we closed, and it drove me crazy. I drove by it EVERY DAY about 80 zillion times, but I still was not sated.

PS. Let me know if you need wall paper removal tips. We've tried it all and have extensive experience with this! (I feel for you!)