Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have a boring question, but it's really important to me, because I am kind of boring. How do you wash your hard floors? (My answer: very sporadically! har har!) More specifically, with what do you wash your hard floors? I used to have this Bissell flip/mop thingy that you charged, and it vacuumed/dust mopped with one side and then washed with the other. It worked pretty well until it died a sad, motor-grinding death. I don't think they make them anymore. I also didn't like that you couldn't plug it in but had to charge the battery- the suction inevitably got weaker by the time I was done vacuuming.

So now I pretty much just spot clean it with a wash cloth or Lysol wipes, and occasionally go over it with my washable mop pads after spraying it down with some kind of hot water and cleaner solution. What I'm really pining after, especially since we're planning on eventually putting down tile in the revamped laundry area and the new dining room, is one of those floor steamer thingies, preferably one that will do the whole vacuum/wash process all at once or in separate modes.

Do any of you have floor steamers that you love or hate, and would you tell me about them?


jen(melty) said...

I use a hoover FloorMate and I love it. It doesn't get stuff that's really crusted on (well sometimes it does if you keep it wet and then go back to that spot and/or keep going over it over and over) but it does a good enough job that the floors look clean and my socks aren't gross. I have used this on wood, tile and now laminate at my new house.. it seems to dry it enough for me. I usually put whatever, diluted in the cleaning.. right now i'm busting through 200 bottles of windex that we won't ever use.. before that I used simple green.. I like method's floor cleaners and I also use charlie's all purpose cleaner. They also make their own cleaner that you can buy that works fine. Or you can use vinegar and water.

Fran said...

I have a Shark Steam mop and I love it but I was told not to use it on my laminate floors. I only use it on the tile. I have never used anything wet on the laminate as a whole but spot clean like you said with washcloth or whatever. Soemone told me I could use the steam mop but not while it is hot. So soak the pad and let it cool down, then wipe. Sounded like a lot of waiting time so I haven't done that. I will have to check bak on the comments here to see what everyone else thinks! Not boring at all :)

Anonymous said...

I could write a book on this (WARNING!)

I vacuum our hardwoods first and most often. I used to use Murphy's Oil soap til I found it it leaves your floors cloudy and it's irreversible. I have a steam mop that I like okay but I don't think it does any better than anything else. Mostly I vacuum that wet mop using either water/vinegar or maybe Bona if I'm feeling fancy. Doesn't matter though, nothing ever lasts.