Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baby Stuff Eating My Brain

-Still no name for this baby. Not even an official top ten. This doesn't worry me much; as with the last two, I kind of doubt we'll have it set in stone until we meet her. The only problem I see with pondering names at great length like this is that you start to lose perspective. Example: today I happened across the word "Carlisle" in a book, as in "they walked up Carlisle Road," and thought, "What a gorgeous name that would be! And Carly is a cute nickname! Perfect!" And then I thought, But Carlisle makes me think of The Carlisle House, which is an assisted living facility in our town. Not the best word association. Shortly thereafter I thought, Crap. Also Carleton from Fresh Prince. And finally, Isn't there some kids' show called iCarly? Maybe that's not the best nickname to intentionally choose for one's child. But it took me an hour to think of this stuff, rather than the ten minutes I imagine a normal, non-gestating person would need to come up with it.

-In the naming vein, I'm getting very weird looks anytime people ask about our ideas and I mention the name Magnolia. I'm beginning to think it might be just a little too out there for this area. Le sigh. Much as I adore it, I don't want to give my child a name that could be a burden. Clearly I should move to San Diego, and then I could feel free to name my kids Genevieve and Dante and receive nothing but compliments. Actually, Genevieve is one I still love and would maybe consider if I didn't have a sister AND a sister in law named Jennifer, both called Jen(n.) That's just too much sound repetition, especially if we called Genevieve Genna, which I totally would, obvs.

-This whole not feeling the baby move very much thing bothers me more and more with each passing day. I know that I have the anterior placenta going on and all, but according to the 3D ultrasound from sixteen weeks along, the placenta was on my left side. What the what? I told our usual tech about it on Thursday, when she showed me where the placenta was, and she just shrugged and said, "Well... placentas don't really migrate around. And this thing is definitely right against the top of your belly." And it did indeed appear to be there, from what I know of ultrasound images, so I don't get it. I want medical science to be completely reliable and for medical professionals to never contradict one another, dang it! Is nothing sacred?!

Anyways, though, back to the not moving much: freaks me out. I feel her wriggling around at least once a day, if I'm sitting or laying just right, but it's nowhere near hard enough for me to feel from the outside, let alone try to get anyone else to feel. Is that normal, still, at this age? I know I did this not even two years ago, but I can't remember! And she seems so amazingly active at every scan that I can't understand why I don't feel that stuff more. Maybe she just gets worked up by the ultrasound vibes, but ordinarily isn't very active?

-And finally, I am beyond annoyed that my morning sickness has somehow returned! It isn't as bad as before- I've only had to actually run for the bathroom a few times- but for the last week or so, every morning and every evening (evening especially) I am very definitely, very un-ignorably nauseous. What.The.Heck.

Now please soothe my worried brow and tell me this stuff is normal.

Also send extra sympathy because the husband and the baby both have bad colds. The two MOST convenient members of the family to take ill, as you all know, are the men and the babies.


Gina said...

I had an anterior placenta with my current baby (now 3 months old) and although she was very active on every ultrasound (and I had quite a few) I didn't feel her moving much until into my third trimester. And yes, it made me worry, but she is a perfectly healthy very active baby.

Regarding the nausea - it is almost certainly normal, but do be sure to tell your OB/midwife about it at your next visit and to make sure that they are monitoring your blood pressure and urine (for protein) at every visit. If the nausea gets significantly worse then call your OB/midwife and let them know what is going on.

And I can't decide on baby names until I see the actual baby - and even then I have a hard time committing.

Scottish Twins said...

I remember being worried with Grace because I didn't feel her move consistently until much later. I first felt David REALLY early, and thought that with subsequent children I would continue to feel them early. Grace was almost as late, if not later, than Gabe - the first. I think so much of it depends on positioning of the baby and the placenta. I honestly wouldn't worry.

About the Magnolia name - you're probably going to get bad reactions around here just because it's rural Ohio. If I learned anything from my sister and her non-traditional (or I guess the problem is that they were TOO traditional) name choices is that it is best not to share them with people until the actual baby is here. Once they see her, Magnolia will feel like the perfect name choice. Before she's here people feel like they can give their opinion freely.

So I guess my advice is to be confident in your name choices and know that they are going to be perfect for your baby girl, and forget about the haters. If the negative opinions really bother you, I just wouldn't share.

Tracy said...

I had an anterior placenta with 2 of mine. The first one, Austin, I didn't feel much of anything on the outside until the third trimester.

Eliza was the other AP baby. I actually "knew" before my NT scan at 13 weeks that my placenta was likely in the front. I had been feeling movement around 9 weeks, then it stopped around 11 to 12 weeks, when the placenta likely developed in the front. I don't think I felt her again until 15 weeks or so. Pretty late, IMO, for a fourth kiddo.

AM said...

I think Magnolia is a perfectly lovely name, you can call her Maggie or Mags. I always like Megan and the nick name Meggy.

d e v a n said...

I still love Magnolia. Maggie is a cute nn! :)

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