Thursday, February 09, 2012


Well thank you all for the name love! :) Still not totally decided, but that one is DEFINITELY on the Real Possibility list.

Also, guess what? Two awesome medical things: I finally got my blood work results and I don't have an active case of Fifth's Disease (they said I had enough in my system that I must have had it somewhat recently, but not recently enough to hurt the baby? I didn't totally understand on the phone, but I'll try to clarify at my twenty week appointment) AND my doctor found a pharmacy to order the progesterone shots from for WAAAAY cheaper than the first place. Like, fifty dollars a vial instead of four thousand. Yeah. What a racket the pharmaceutical industry is, AMIRIGHT, but I'm trying not to fume about that and to just be happy that I'm going to get to do them after all, and not in the process screw up our insurance premiums for ourselves and everyone else in the company. But still. RACKET. ANGRY FUME.

Another awesome sorta-medical thing is that I did another doula birth yesterday! Overall it went really well, and I got very nice scores and remarks on my DONA forms that the doctor and nurse have to fill out. The doctor, admittedly, had to fudge his a little since he wasn't actually there for the delivery (nurse: "try not to push!" baby's head: halfway out already) but the placenta delivery was pretty rough, so at least he got to see me doing my thing with her for that half hour or so. The actual baby came out way faster, let me tell you!

The crazy part was that it was an induction (poor NST at forty weeks) but the first bag of Pit they gave her didn't work. For almost eight hours they were upping the dosage every half hour and yet she wasn't contracting at ALL. Finally the doctor suggested switching to a different bag in case the first one was somehow faulty, and then, voila. Within an hour we had hard labor, and a baby in another four. It was ker-azy. She did a wonderful job not stressing though, her husband and mom were fantastically helpful, and the nurses were very good, too. They were really encouraging and facilitating her to move around as much and however she wanted to, despite all the cords and monitors she had going on. We managed to get her in a lot of good, productive positions and to work that baby down quite quickly once the Pit finally kicked in. QUITE quickly, in the end! Never saw a nurse deliver a baby before. It was kind of exciting.

I'm really glad I only have one more birth scheduled before my own baby comes, though. I was only there with her twelve hours, and on the road about an hour and a half, but today I am so exhausted I can barely stand. Being pregnant really cuts down on your physical endurance! A real news flash there, I know. You're welcome.


Scottish Twins said...

Good news on the Fifth's and the shots. Glad you got another birth done. One more to go and you're official, right?!

Kelsey said...

Lots of goodness in that post!

d e v a n said...

How exciting! The nurse delivered Miss L too, and I'm thankful she was a good one!

Tracy said...

glad that dr. decided to change bags. I think a lot of dr.'s would just conclude it was c/s time.

Saly said...

Good news all around!