Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inclement Weather Rants

Or I could just never mop. I imagine we'd all live. So far that seems to be the risky little game I'm playing! Three weeks and counting! (Possible TLC show idea?

So, did we all survive Valentine's Day? Around here school was cancelled, WHAT THE HECK, for about three dang inches of snowfall. It's an act of WEATHER, people, not an act of GOD! Urgent weather bulletin: IN THE WINTER IT SNOWS. SOMETIMES QUITE FREQUENTLY. Perhaps, if we're going to live here where it snows, we should figure out how to live our lives accordingly. Warm up the car, drive a little more carefully, but please oh please let's still get the children to their long-awaited school Valentine's party so they don't lose their minds with disappointment and then fight with their brothers and crab at their long suffering mom because their lovingly made Extra Speshul heart-frosted and pink sprinkled pancakes don't look exactly like they imagined! *pantpantpant*

Also, school? Maybe you could find a better way to alert everyone to delays and cancellations than a mass phone call ("Due to the INCLEMENT WEATHER school has been cancelled!") sent out at five forty five am. This was not a fluke, either. This is when it is ALWAYS sent out. Elementary school? Doesn't start until nine am. So... I guess I don't understand. I realize there are a few people who have to be up that early and starting their work/daycare/school prep routines, but most people don't, so perhaps we could have a couple of different times in the morning that the alert calls are made, and we could sign up for whichever time slot works for OUR morning routine? Just a thought.

Lest you think I'm completely bitter and devoid of the Holiday Spirit, though, I should note that my very nice sister showed up (with heart shaped cake and a Valentine's scavenger hunt, no less) to babysit our rug rats and let us go out for a date, which was actually super fun and not too crowded and the food was delicious. I'm totally in that second trimester sweet spot, though, where all food tastes amazing and my appetite is... healthy. So, you know, pretty much anything that goes in my pie hole these days meets rave reviews.

Err. That sounded utterly horrifying kind of bad. Never mind. And thus I conclude my Valentine's Day wrap up and slink away in shame.


Scottish Twins said...

I think they have to do them that early for working parents. They need time to arrange for child care if the kids are going to be home all day. Could you maybe turn your phone on vibrate or off and then check it as soon as you wake up? Then you could just look at the phone whenever you would normally wake up, see they called, and then roll back over and sleep in. That would make the snowed in mornings much better!! :)

Glad you got to go on a date! You need some relaxing time with Jim right now!

Sarah said...

SC- ordinarily I would, but I have that one client who's off bedrest now and could go into labor anytime, so I have to leave the phone on and by my bed at night just in case.

d e v a n said...

bahahahaha! That last part has me giggling like an immature teenager :)

jen(melty) said...

hehe giggling too. also I liked the 5am wake up call because even if I didn't work... it gave me enough time to fall back asleep till 9! win-win. Kids? w hat kids? let them watch spongebob while I snooze! ;)