Thursday, February 23, 2012

Delightfully Uneventful

It's always nice to leave an OB appointment with nothing new to report. For some reason I was harboring this fear in the back of my mind that at the twenty week ultrasound something would be seriously wrong. It just seemed like four healthy babies with no problems was too lucky, too perfect. And yet there you have it: a little girl, who very cooperatively left no doubt of her gender (yay yay yay!) measuring at exactly twenty weeks (again, yay yay yay- this pregnancy is going so fast as it is. I really didn't want to be any further along than my original due date had me, not even by that extra week the sonographer at the 3D place thought,) a healthy looking placenta and cervix (again- yay! phew!) and all body parts present and accounted for and in their proper places.

She is so active; she was doing somersaults during the ultrasound, flipping from breech to vertex, side to side, etc, and yet I can still barely feel her. My placenta is anterior, which probably explains a lot of that, but it's still disappointing. I may be happy about it later on, of course, when her movements get stronger and more painful and I have that extra little cushion.

We did the first of the progesterone shots, and it was as I remembered it from last time- the shot isn't that painful, but there's definitely residual soreness later on. I think Jim feels better about the prospect of administering them himself from now on now that he's seen up close and personal that I am totally fine with shots and needles and don't flinch around or whimper. We'll see how it goes next week, of course, without a nurse, but I think we'll be fine.

As I always do at medical appointment, I forgot to mention a few of the things that I meant to: that my old umbilical hernia, which was repaired after Eli's birth, is popping out again and really painful, and that I get sore legs and leg veins and it makes me nervous about clots and could they maybe check them just to make sure I'm not missing something? I really do think they're fine though; I just get paranoid. And the hernia, well, there's nothing they can DO about it now anyways, so I guess I just wanted someone to look at it and say, "Yep, that sucks!" The one genuinely dumb thing I did was discuss my recurrent headaches at length, and possible medications I can take, and then forgot to get my prescription for said meds as I checked out. Ah well. Not that important, I guess. Hopefully they can still quickly call it in if I get another bad, all-day-long one again. (Side note: it always seems so crazy to me that they're willing to offer my an occasional VICODIN, but ibuprofin is verbotin. All I want is a couple dang Advil and I'd be fine!)

But, normal aches and pains aside, all systems are go and this little girl is halfway baked. Which is CRAZY, but exciting.


AM said...

Vicodin does not pass the blood barrier but Advil does and can cause possible birth defects. I know its weird. Glad the little human is going well.

Scottish Twins said...

I can't believe you're halfway there!