Monday, February 06, 2012

Before and After

So all my kids appear to have inherited my insanely wild and thick hair, in texture if not in color. This means that a certain baby/toddler has been long overdue for a haircut for a few months now. And this past weekend, while the older kids were bowling with their cousins, Jim and I bravely got out the trimming scissors and took him from this... this.

It was basically the hack job you must expect when trying to wield scissors around a squirmy baby's eyes, of course, plus he has this funny cowlick thing on top of his head that meant when his hair was wet it really did look straight across his forehead, but when it dried it was, y'know, not so much with the evenness. So I just keep sort of swooping it off to the side and tousling it a bit. Also, it's really hard to get good pictures of a haircut when every time your kid sees the camera he flings his head backwards and begins cheesing like he's trying to win an award for The World's Most Enthusiastic Smile.

In the meantime he just looks very very old and I am sadder than I've ever been about a kid's haircut. He's been acting pretty toddler-ish for awhile, but now he even looks like one. Oh, Jamie James. I wish you could've stayed a baby for a little longer.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe I will ever get over how much a simple hair cut ages a child. How is that possible? Worse yet, do I look that much older when I get my hair cut? I hope not!!!

Jess said...

We are planning to cut Callum's hair shortly. Maybe even today. I was thinking of waiting until he's asleep, maybe? Or is that weird? Anyway, this terrifies me because he's already walking and talking and I just cannot deal with something else that will make him look older. But his hair is such a rat's nest! Sigh.

Pickles and Dimes said...

It is CRAZY how much older little kids look when they get a haircut!

(Although my SIL waited until her baby practically had a mullet before she finally trimmed his hair, and thank GOD, because he looked like a baby again instead of Old Man Crabby.)

Kelsey said...

I think it looks good - I tried cutting Michael's hair once, and will never do it again. I give up. The hair wins. My kids' hair is really, really fine so it is not forgiving if you aren't good w/ the scissors.

I cannot believe that's your baby! Good think you are pregnant again - because he's getting so big! ;-)

Fran said...

How how how is it possible that he is so big? Time has really flown, at least from a reader's vantage point! What a precious face :)

Michelle said...

It always amazes me how a little haircut can age a child.