Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Take The Good With The Bad

Good: My sister gave me two giant bags of winter maternity clothes today, all of which are actually cute and fairly new, since she just bought them about a year and a half ago. My stuff is looking pretty dumpy after three pregnancies, and also, I had exactly one pair of jeans (with a bleach stain on the leg) since I've always had babies in the late summer/early fall and never really needed maternity pants, just maternity shorts and capris. With this kid though: fourth pregnancy, plus due in earlyish July, well, let's just say my rubber band to stretch out my jeans waistband trick just wasn't cutting it anymore. I mean, it still worked, technically; I'm not huge yet or anything. But it is so uncomfortable, and when your pants are unbuttoned the waistband always rolls when you sit down and... You know. It just looks dumb and it feels uncomfortable. I should have just asked her for the pants about a month ago, but for some reason it felt like a jinx to start wearing maternity clothes too soon. But I will be fourteen weeks Friday, so this seems like a safe, and not laughably early, time to start putting on the stretchy waistbands.

Bad: My van needs new rear brakes and possibly a new transmission. This is going to pretty much suck up (and then some) the three hundred dollars I was prepared to spend taking Fonz to the vet for a check up and teeth scraping. Crap.

Good: At least Jim can do the brakes himself.

Bad: I just found out that my client's OB refused to sign her birth plan, saying he "couldn't" based on hospital policy or something. I had a bad feeling about this doc right from the start, so now I'm nervous that we're going to have a fuss on our hands anytime she wants to deviate even slightly from the hospital norm during this birth. Sigh. That's never fun.

Good: My nephew turned one yesterday! Happy birthday, Smith!


Jess said...

Yikes on the birth plan! Any chance she can change docs or practices? If she hired you, it sounds like a doc like this isn't what she's looking for...

Sarah said...

Probably too late, she's already thirty six weeks and change. Plus she's in a small town near here that only has one OB practice, with two docs, and both are very traditional, "active management of labor" types. I tried earlier to get her to switch to my doc and just drive the forty five minutes to our hospital, but she didn't want to have that long of a drive facing her once she's in labor, which I guess I understand.

Tracy said...

Does your client want a natural birth? If so, I'd spend as much time as possible at home.