Monday, January 09, 2012


Well, I am able to eat salads again, and occasionally even chocolate, so I must be getting better! On the other hand, the smell of coffee is still awful to me, I am nearly homicidal towards the poor dog every time he breathes in my vicinity, and I am still violently dry heaving by noon-ish if I go without the Zofran. I keep skipping it in the mornings, seeing if today will be the day I magically feel well again, and I made until twelve forty five today without getting sick. We even went outside to a playground and for a walk! ...And then I bolted indoors, ran for a trash can and started gagging, but still. Kind of a win.

I've been in a big funk lately, I'll be honest, but getting some fresh air today helped a lot. So did scheduling an appointment to get the dog's teeth cleaned at the vet to see if that might significantly help his breath. (Two! Hundred! Dollars! worth of help, so it had BETTER be significant!) We also heard back from our appraisal and it went better than we had hoped, enough that I think we're going to go crazy and switch from a thirty to a fifteen year mortgage, so that we can hopefully be done with house payments around the time the kids start college. Doesn't that just sound... amazing? Not having a house payment?

What else... trying to think positive here, so yesterday's road trip to my sister's house, during which I got a five hour headache/migraine thing, probably doesn't count. Oh but the zoo! Saturday night we took the kids to the zoo's annual Holiday Light show, and we all walked around bundled up, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying seeing the zoo from a whole new perspective. That was fun, and it was something I had been bummed about, thinking we had missed our chance over Christmas, but they had one last encore of it this weekend and we somehow got our act together and made it!

I also have a prenatal massage gift certificate to use as soon as I feel better, which has to be pretty soon, so I'm getting excited for that.

Lastly, and off of the Being Cheerful topic but big enough and time sensitive enough that I want to get everyone's opinion: my doctors are strongly encouraging me to get progesterone shots (weekly from sixteen to thirty six weeks of pregnancy) due to very encouraging research showing that it can prevent cervical thinning and preterm labor symptoms in women previously susceptible. I didn't do it last time despite their urging, and now, two years later, the research is even stronger, and I'm a little bit more eager to do anything at all to possibly avoid being on bedrest, you know? BUT said shots cost FORTY FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS per five week dosage vial. I would need FOUR of those five week dosages.

Insurance doesn't cover any of it, but it does at least count towards our deductible, so basically if I agree to order the shots we will have met our deductible for the year by... February. This seems nice, but doing this will also absolutely jack up our insurance rates again for next year, for not only our family but everyone else in the company, and I really hate that. Our family has definitely been a real drain on our small company's insurance plan, and I hate making everyone else pay for our expenses, basically.

What would you guys do? If I had ever had a preemie I would say yes to the shots in a heartbeat, do anything for my baby's health, obviously. But since bedrest HAS always worked and we've never even had a baby have to stay an extra day in the hospital or anything, I'm basically spending this money gambling that it's going to spare me, and by extension everyone close to me, from the annoyance and frustrations of bedrest. Is that worth it? Am I being selfish?


Nik-Nak said...

I probably wouldn't do the shots. Just because I would know that bedrest works and I'd be okay with that and then you have the whole everyone in the company has to pay for it thing.
But then again it's your insurance and your baby's and your life, so if you feel you need to then by all means go for it.

Swistle said...

I wouldn't do it, and then I would die of anxiety, imagining how I'd feel if there WAS a pre-term related Horrible Situation and then I'd wish I'd paid anything, ANYTHING, to have avoided it. But my decision would be influenced by not being able to come up with $18,000. I mean, I COULD do it, if for example, I KNEW it would save the baby's otherwise doomed life. But it would involve loans from family, a literal second mortgage, maybe getting a job on the night shift, etc.

Swistle said...

I thought of another thing that would influence me: I'd be thinking, what if I DID come up with the $18,000, and ended up on bedrest ANYWAY?? I would want to KILL THE WORLD.

mLou said...

I agree w/the two previous responses. Also, not always will meds NOT covered be able to to used toward your deductible.
With this pregnancy being unexpected and so different than your others, it might be different in the end too :-)

mLou said...

OH..and for the dog's breath...try Greenies..they're expensive, but do help! Or maybe lover dog will chew on a lemon rind :D

d e v a n said...

I was going to say YES DO IT until I read the cost. Ouch. OUCH.

Scottish Twins said...

Did you discuss the cerclage? Would that be covered?

I would much rather do serious bed rest than pay for those shots. For that amount of money you could hire someone to come to your house and help you out during bed rest and it would cost much less!!

binboy said...

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Nowheymama said...

Excellent point by Jessica. Hire help for much less!

Tess said...


I think the worst case scenario would be to get the shots and end up on bedrest anyway. HORRORS.

Taryn said...

My sister gets progesterone shots. She was on bedrest with 2 pregnancies from 24 weeks. She had both her babies at 35 weeks pregnant. This time she has the shots, which are covered by her insurance, I will ask her if she knows any more info on that. So far she's not on bedrest or having contractions and she is currently 33 weeks.