Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Monday- You Get Bullets

-My second doula client is due pretty much any time now. I keep skipping chores in favor of going to bed early because what if tonight's the night I get a call? Gotta sneak in that sleep. My house is seriously suffering for it, since nighttime is when I usually clean. I was back in the routine for about a week once the whole morning sickness/stomach bug madness was over, then I realized that I should really be trying to make sure I'm well rested each night. So, we have returned to the chaos. At least we're pretty much used to ignoring it by now!

-Speaking of stomach bug, my mom is out of the hospital and they're chalking all her symptoms (passing out, alarmingly low blood pressure, elevated pancreatic enzymes, extreme dehydration) up to a bad case of food poisoning. I know I personally will be avoiding Taco Bell for awhile.

-The dog is getting a bath and a teeth brushing today at the groomer's. I'm very excited to see if he'll stop smelling like a gassy, unshowered old man for at least a few days.

-The refinancing is complete! Phew. And we're getting close to actually breaking ground on the addition. So far we have met our contractor, electrician and foundation guy, so now I know whose faces are going to be randomly coming and going for the next few months! Downside: does this mean I need to have my hair brushed and a bra on at all times? And no more schlepping around in sweatpants? BOO.

-GIRL GIRL GIRL THE BABY IS A GIRL! Still can't believe it. It seems too lucky to be true.

-I finished The Hunger Games trilogy this weekend and I cannot get it out of my head! Whenever I get into a series like that and am reading pretty much every spare minute, it always takes me a few days to absorb the fact that I have finished the last book and it is all over. It's like a grieving process when I turn that final page. Man I'm such a geek still. Also, beyond experiencing a total nerd-like immersion in the world of Panem, did anyone else who read the books keep feeling really old every time they remembered that the protagonists are teenagers? I get so wrapped up in stories like these, so lost in the world of the main characters, but with these books every few pages I would suddenly remember, "Wow, these kids are ten years younger than me. I would be way too old to even participate in the Hunger Games." What a buzz kill. Nonetheless, you can bet I am counting down the days til the movie comes out.

I will not, however, be camping out all night for tickets, or writing fan fic or lurking on message boards. Gotta draw the line somewhere. Apparently I will draw it at publicly admitting I got a little obsessed with a book that's aimed at sixteen year olds. (Or no? Is this technically YA fiction or not?)


Saly said...

YES YES AND YES on The Hunger Games. I was in such a funk all last week because it was over and I was done and I missed Katniss and Peeta. I can't wait for the movie either. I have very high expectations.

Will you share photos of the progress of the addition? I still can't believe we went through our entire kitchen remodel when I was pregnant with Liv. Good luck!!

d e v a n said...

I loved that series too! I can't wait to go see it!

Tracy said...

Devan and I are going to see the movie together. Want to come? ;)

Taryn said...

Congrats on the baby girl! I am 18 weeks but not going for my ultrasound until 21 or 22 weeks. : ( So exciting for you! look forward to following your pregnancy since we're due at the same time.