Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kids, Bump, Teaser

So this hairy little monkey has turned into quite the expert at mischief. Beyond the usual stuff, the constant "no"ing and the sudden appearance of temper tantrums at the slightest disappointment, he has also learned how to climb up into chairs. And further, apparently. Today I looked up from my desk to see him standing in the middle of the kitchen table, cackling wildly and waving at me. Not even ten minutes later, I found him digging in the kitchen trash can, trying to suck out the remnants of an empty milkshake container while simultaneously dripping it all over himself and the floor. When did he turn into a toddler? On a related note, I think I see the beginning of the end of my favorite stage of infancy, ten months to eighteen months. Might need to amend that to more like fifteen months, I think. At least he sleeps through the night regularly! A full night's sleep covers a multitude of sins.

More happily, it seems the internet has worked its magic again, specifically the never-failing phenomenon of posting about a problem with your kid only to have said problem resolve itself. The last two days, Eli has been golden. A model child, I tell you. No tantrums, no accidents, kind to siblings, polite to strangers, eating meals, behaving himself for sitters, handling minor disappointments with proportional dismay rather than falling prostrate to the floor in rage, etc. I have been lavishing him with praise and kisses such that you'd think he'd cured childhood leukemia, but dang, I have to keep this ball rolling, you know? When he's not a roiling pit of emotional lava just waiting to spill over, he is seriously the greatest kid to hang out with.

And since apparently I'm doing an update-and-picture (and brag) style post, I can't leave out my oldest child, who is now reading, full sentences and whatnot, and asking me to read her chapter books that don't have pictures. This child that I fretted over all summer because she was only mildly interested in books and hated practicing phonics with me, which I was sure translated to some kind of learning delay and a lifelong disinterest in reading. Ah, catastrophizing. It's my favorite hobby.

I obviously don't mean to imply that reading at age six is anything remarkable, but it's well within the normal range which is very relieving to us. She has a ninety eight percent in phonics, so there is absolutely no cause for concern. And! She has a hundred percent average in math. I think it's becoming clear that she and I do not in fact have the same brain or personality. Man, someone should tell you this when you have a baby, right? That they are actually not just a mini you on which to project your own hubris and anxiety, but in fact an entirely different person altogether that just happened to grow in your abdominal cavity for awhile? (At least we agreed on those Strawberry Shortcake lotions being awesome.)

And last but not least, baby number four here is still alive and kicking and all that biz according to today's check up. (Also at today's check up? Doctor walks in and says, "Oh dear, have you been sick? You are so pasty!" She actually said pasty. Gah. And then I laughed awkwardly and said, "Well, pasty with pregnancy acne!" and she laughed and nodded along and then said, "But seriously... low iron? How was your blood work last visit? Are you taking your vitamins?" Yes, hi, my name is Sarah and in the winter, like most Caucasians, I'm PALE. Get over it.) I'm fifteen weeks and five days along, all is well, and I have gained five pounds of thigh baby to prove it.

And guess what? Tomorrow I'm getting a 3D/4D ultrasound and we're going to learn the gender of this little bump. :) I'm so flipping excited. OBVIOUSLY. Anyone wanna really quick weigh in with their guess?


Anonymous said...

I'm going for girl, just to even things out a bit.

Every time you post pics of all your kids, I am amazed at how BIG they are. Clearly looking at my own kid every day has ruined me for other children.

Also, I'm pretty certain my nearly 5.5 yr old will not be interested in reading until she's 14. Sigh.

Hillary said...

You and your kids are so darn cute.

I'm voting for another boy. No reason. Just because I've got a 50 percent chance of being right.

Swistle said...

I guess boy!

CAQuincy said...

Have a girl! Then I can send you some of the GAJILLIONS of little girl stuff people keep sending ME!

Seriously, too, too exciting!

Nowheymama said...


Fran said...

So exciting!! I am going to guess girl because it would represent a balance in your household. Love the "sound" of your latest posts where you seem to be over the blahs and onto the best parts!!

Fine For Now said...

I'm saying girl and fingers are crossed! Come on GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saly said...

I think another boy! I can't wait to hear for sure!!

You look fabulous. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better.

d e v a n said...

LOVE the bump! I don't have a gut feeling, so I'm just going to say girl!

Michelle said...

Oh, your kids are just adorable. I want to hug them.

I'm going for girl. I can't wait to hear!

Tracy said...

I'm guessing girl, since that's how it played out in my house. ;)