Tuesday, January 31, 2012

But Of Course

Urgh. So guess who had a suspicious looking rash on her torso and face last night? And who woke up with the telltale slapped cheeks look today that is basically proof positive of Fifth's Disease? No, it wasn't me at least, but I woke up feeling achy and tired and nauseous and told Jim that I felt like I was coming down with the flu. A few hours later I Googled around about rashes some more and realized what Addy had. Dum dum dum. I called our family doc, who confirmed without even seeing her that she almost definitely had it, and told me to call my OB right away since it's way more alarming for a pregnant woman to get it than a six year old. I'm waiting to hear back from the OB about blood work right now, but I certainly feel crappy enough that I'd say there's a decent chance I have it too.

I'm not entirely sure of what the protocol is if I do have it- one website said something about weekly monitoring and ultrasounds until they're certain the fetus didn't contract it, or weekly ultrasound until delivery if they can verify that the fetus does have it too. I know Katy had experience with this in her last pregnancy- anyone else have a Fifth's Disease anecdote for me? Preferably reassuring of course, but either way I'd like to hear about it.

*Oh, and how ironic is this? First thing this morning, before I put two and two together and realized what Addy had, my doula client who's due in a week called to let me know that she was diagnosed with Fifth's Disease about a week ago! Fortunately she's so far along that the risk of her baby developing anemia or anything is very very slim.


Anonymous said...

Oh good grief!!! Fingers crossed that you are somehow skipped and it doesn't wreak havoc on your household.

Scottish Twins said...

Oh my goodness. You guys have been sick more this winter than anyone I know. You just can't catch a break.

Hopefully it isn't Fifths. Weekly monitoring and ultrasounds don't sound like fun at all. :(

Swistle said...

When I was expecting the twins, Fifth Disease was going around someone's classroom (Rob's? William's?), and whoever was in that classroom got it, and I called the OB and they took it very seriously. I had to have two blood tests, one right away and then another "some time later" (memory again fails me, but it was in the "week or two or three" range). I tested negative both times, but also tested as not being immune, which was concerning. (A lot of women are immune because of having had it as children.) It turned out fine, though: I didn't get it, and the babies were fine.

Can you tell I'm fretting about you? I'm fretting about you.

d e v a n said...

Oh for goodness sake! That just sucks.

I hope it's just a cold or something. Sending positive thoughts!

Barb said...

oh my :( I really hope that you are ok!! Thinking about you!! I know that when I am pregnant, I am always so worried about catching illnesses - so I totally understand and feel for you!

Tracy said...

oh my goodness! its another "thing" isn't it. sheesh! I hope its just a cold for you.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Not fair! Not fair!

Fingers crossed it's something else for you.