Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Crunchy, Attachment Parenting Type Advice Needed!

Well, you all made me feel a lot better about the prospect of cloth diapering, so, thanks a lot. Still not sure about which brand to go with, but I really liked the idea of ordering that newborn started pack thing-ie which lets you try several brands out and decide which you prefer. And then you get to send it back and pay only shipping or something?! Anyways, that sounds great. I'm still a little icked out by the whole "disposing of solids" part of the process, but whatevs. Diapering is just gross any way you do it, really, and I do think having a bag of wet diapers sounds less disgusting overall than a pail of wrapped up fecal matter rotting away.

I do think we'll take disposables with us when we're out and about, though. Not because having plastic bags and bringing home the wet ones sounds super difficult or anything, but because I am VERY bad about forgetting to pack things and also forgetting to bring stuff back into the house (like sippee cups, for instance.) So I can totally see how I'd end up out with a dirty diaper and no sack to bring it home, or, if I did remember the sack, I'd then forget to bring it into the HOUSE in the chaos of getting three kids in the door, and then there'd be rotting wet linens sitting in the hot car for a full day.

Anyways, since y'all are so handy with the advice, maybe you can help me out again here? The sling I used with Eli got recalled recently (Infantino brand) and so now I'm in the market for a new one. Ideas? Brands to avoid?


Erica said...

Oooh! Pick me!!

Donna got me a Moby Wrap as a shower gift and I have to say it's my all-time favorite baby item. As soon as I put Sam into it, he's asleep. Like instantly. And he's super secure and there are like 500 million ways to wear it. I would completely recommend getting one. As a matter of fact, it's my new defacto baby shower gift.

Pigeon said...

I should have given the link to the diapers it is:

as for slings...I loved my New Native when they are tiny babies, but its by size so unless your husband is your size, you can't both use it. I also really like the Moby Wrap, we both used that. Once they are over about 20 lbs, tho, I thought it stretched out too much.

some good info on choosing the right one for you is

d e v a n said...

ooh, I love my Hotsling and my Peanut Shell - both are pocket slings.
Moby types are very versatile - and you can totally make your own!
I also like my mei tei type sling, which I made myself but there is no shortage of buying options.
Gee - I seem to love all my slings.

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Moby wraps are AMAZING for the newborn days.

My SIL has a Saukura Bloom ring sling and it's BEAUTIFUL.

I am a HUGE, huge fan of mei tais. BabyHawks are popular (I want one), but there are a million brands out there. THey can carry a newborn up to a toddler. (I had my 2 year old on my back in the city in one yesterday).

Scottish Twins said...

I'm going to also say Moby Wrap. That's the black one I have that I use for David. It's so comfy that I still use it at the store even though he is 23 pounds.

I don't have a Moby though, I have one called a Lovey Dud that I got from an etsy seller. Let me know if you want more info.

Marie Green said...

I second the Moby wrap. And then for an older baby the Ergo.

Katy said...

Not that I'm trying to dissuade you from using disposables if that's what you want to do, but they make these little duck things that contain a whole roll of plastic bag on them and you can just stick the duck in your diaper bag and be good for quite a while.

I've got no good sling advice--Charlie hated everything except the Bjorn carrier.

Tracy said...

I have several different slings. Well, lots of them. :)

I love my:

Moby- for when they are tiny. It keeps them upright, (with my reflux babies they HAD to be in that position) and very secure. Now, I like it because i can put him on my hip.

Becco- I have recently started a love affair with this. I didn't like it too much when he was tiny, but I love, love, LOVE it now! Its fast, its stylish, and its easy to put on- even on my back!

Mei Tai- I used this when he was tiny, too. I actually swaddled him and put him in it. Very nice. Not too fond of it now that he's bigger, though.

Pocket sling (i.e. new native, hot slings, etc. etc. etc.) I love this sling for sticking in my diaper bag. I call it my "emergency" sling. I use it as a diaper changing pad, blanket, nursing cover up, oh, and a sling. lol.

got enough info on slings from me? lol.

as for CDing, I did the diapering while out with my first one. I didn't do it with the boys. Too crazy, and I used to forget the bag a lot. I just stick to CDing at home.

TheMusingMommy said...

Moby Wrap!!!!! I've used it newborn up through 2 years plus. Love it!

Misty said...

I just bought a wrap sling and a ring sling from an etsy seller today. The prices were similar to what I would have paid at Target, but she had fabrics like linen that will work better in our southern summery heat. Her shop name was LilPeeperKeepers and she was very helpful answering questions. :)