Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ranting, With Bonus Belly Pictures

Last night we were at a wedding with lots of people we know from around town but don't really see that much outside of weddings/high school reunions, etc. They all asked the standard questions, "So how many kids do you guys want? Are you having any more?" And other than a single solitary woman, everyone acted various levels of shocked/HORRIFIED when told that we are trying again and that we want at least four kids.

Now, I know the AVERAGE is two, but that means that at least half of the majority of the crowd that is NOT quite average has MORE than two, right? So it makes me feel kind of irritable to be treated like some kind of SOCIAL ANOMALY. Especially when people act all worried about how we're going to AFFORD all these kids and how we're going to have ROOM for them and such. I think that's our business, folks! Also: not everyone believes that they owe each of their kids a private bedroom, a brand new car at sixteen and a fully funded college education! I don't think I'd do some of that stuff even if we could afford it.

People tend to act especially shocked when told that you're taking any kind of fertility drugs when you've already got kids. Like just because you have two- and ONE OF EACH, in fact!- that you're being kind of greedy or crazy to try so actively for more.

All that to explain why I was looking through some of my old pregnancy pictures, trying to cheer myself up again about possibly being pregnant. Then I thought, what the hey, let's let everyone take a peak at pregnant Sarah. Misery loves company.

I'm about six months pregnant with Addy here. And rocking some REALLY sexy pajamas.

On bedrest for Adelay, so about eight months along. Bedrest with her was MUCH easier than with Eli. Probably because I wasn't quite as huge, and also didn't have a toddler running around being cared for by other people while I watched from the sidelines and felt guilty!

About five months along with Eli here. My face hasn't gone totally puffy yet. Although I do look frighteningly pale... I think this was right after my knee surgery, so I'd probably been spending a lot of time indoors.

Getting bigger. Seven or eight months here, probably. Belly button hasn't popped yet.

...AND there's the belly button. This was about a week after I'd been allowed up from bedrest with Eli, and I was still recovering from that wicked inner ear infection thing that had me throwing up every time I moved. So if I look really giddy for a nine months' pregnant woman, I'm probably just so excited to be WALKING and wearing NORMAL CLOTHES and not PUKING UP MY GUTS!


Scottish Twins said...

Awwww. Gotta love the belly shots.

I think four is a perfectly accepatable number and also will not be funding/buying everything for our children.

But when you have twins, even paying half for each will be like paying for all of one child :P

Anonymous said...

Love the belly shots. I really wish I had thought to take some during my pregnancies.

And people should just mind their own business- how many kids you have is between you, your husband and God. I am guessing there is a reason you don't see these people more often...

Tess said...

You are SO. CUTE.

I always get statistically irritable over the "over two kids" thing too. In fact the average is something like 2-POINT-THREE, or whatevs, so there are actually MORE people who have 2+ than NOT.

Chelle said...

If I had looked like that when I was pregnant, I would have had two more, too.

4 is a perfectly lovely number and it is no one else's business how many kids you have, where they sleep or that you are taking a tiny bit of Clomid to achieve them. gah, people make me want to claw my eyes out, sometimes.

Shelly said...

TOTALLY AGREE on people treating you like a freak if you want more than 2 kids!! People ask if we're done and I say no and their eyes bug out of their heads!

Swistle said...

OMG, I am so over-stimulated by the "having more than two kids" subject I can't even write anything! I'm all like, "Yeah! and the affording! and the my business! and the sharing rooms! and not paying in cash for college, NOT THAT WE COULD EVEN WITH ONLY 2 KIDS! and that's not neglect, people! and why do they care! and it's NOT WEIRD OMG JUST LOOK A FEW GENERATIONS AGO FOR HEAVENS SAKE."

Well, lookie there: I CAN write. Not COHERENTLY or USEFULLY, though.

You look SO CUTE pregnant!

Nowheymama said...

Scott and I would like to have more kids, too. *Shh!*

Jess said...

You are a GORGEOUS pregnant person. Seriously.

I am with you on the whole mind your own beeswax on my life decisions thing. SERIOUSLY.

Kelsey said...

Could you be any cuter?

It's funny because I feel weird that we're stopping at two (though not necessarily by choice). . . which I guess says something about the families I grew up around, MOST had more than two kids.

Why do people care?

Jill said...

You are so cute and happy in all of these! I love pregnant belly pictures. Except my own, because I always thought Joe would get the angle wrong and make it look like I had a double chin. I'm definitely sure it was the camera angle and not the 40 pounds I gained. Definitely.
Good luck this month!

Annie said...

You are such a cute pregnant woman! I would LOVE to have 4 kids, but my husband says absolutely not. I am jealous that your husband is on board for more.

Bird said...

How weird is it that people think they even have a right to comment on how many kids you have. For the record, I saw a family eating at PF Changs (pricey for our neck of the woods) with EIGHT children. They were better behaved than my one and he's disabled, so how the heck he makes so much trouble is beyond me.